Monday, July 11, 2011

The Honeymoon! [Part One]

One: The Day Adrienne (Almost) Threw up Everywhere

The tickets. An obvious token of the beginning of, not only our traveling journey, but the journey of our life together as one. Husband and wife. Yipee! To Greece we go!

The terrible, terrible beginning. I had the flu. The stomachache I had Thursday and the Friday (wedding day), I chocked off to pre-wedding nerves, but after a 3 hour flight of nausea and tears, reality hit. I had the flu. After landing in Chicago, and praising God for solidity beneath my feet, the hunt began. Mothers were called. Shops were perused. And a solution was found in a loaf of bread from Quiznos (mmm toasty), Dramamine (helpful, even though it wasn’t motion sickness), tums, and ginger ale. This got me through the next 3 hour flight. Mind you, I was comatose, but I made it! The daunting nine hour flight seemed… less daunting. Thank you Jesus for medicine (this wouldn’t be the first time on this trip that my mouth would utter this praise). 

Our second airplane (from Chicago to Montreal). I don’t actually have a picture of the first airplane because when it’s 5 am and you’re nauseous and haven’t gone to bed, you don’t particularly think of those things.

This one took us to Greece. It was huge!

These pictures were taken within just a few minutes of each other. We literally created our own sunrise as we traveled across the globe!

Upon landing in Greece, we noticed an Ikea. Alas, civilization!

So, we were in Greece. Yay!  And I wanted a bed, a shower, a brush! Those wonderful things. But alas my friends, those wonderful things were not yet in my future...

After surviving this ordeal, we landed in Athens, grateful again, for solid ground. We made it through customs, trudged to baggage and waited. And waited. Found Jordan’s bag. Then waited. And waited. And waitied. Upon realization that my bag was not going to instantly materialize on the baggage carousal, we headed to ask for help. We soon came to find out that my bag, for some reason yet unknown to mankind, had been left in Canada. It’s presumable that due to the absurd amount of baggage carried on by our fellow passengers, there was no space for my poor, necessary suitcase. Either way, it wasn’t in Athens. And we, we, were in Athens. It was at this point that I started to cry. Tears literally poured out of my eyeballs and there was some obvious snuffling. In public. The whole occasion thus far seemed absurd. First the flu, then this. On our honeymoon. The poor woman behind the counter was helpless. I mean, here she was, going about her work day, counting the hours to when she could come home, when this silly American girl starts to cry over luggage. Luggage? She didn’t get it. That’s okay. She sympathetically reported that our bags would be delivered to our hotel tomorrow, and did the best she could to console me, the silly American girl crying over luggage. 

At that point, there was nothing to do but go to the hotel and hole up and cry some more. So, we caught a taxi and proceeded to enjoy the next hour with a very grumpy non-English speaking Greek taxi driver, who didn't particularly have a talent for driving. And then, we were home. Well, home to our home for the next two weeks. 

This was our hotel room, our home for the honeymoon. It was really nice :) Looking at it now, I miss that little room...

Balcony One

The View from Balcony One

Balcony Two

Other Side of Balcony Two

View from Balcony Two

View from the Other Side of Balcony Two

Two: The Day that we were the Funny Americans Walking Around in Pajamas

So, we needed to go to the bank and do some other significant errandy-type things. Like eat. But I didn't have my luggage, which meant no clothes. So, my husband, being lovely (and probably on some level he enjoyed this), walked the streets of Athens with me in his pajamas

This was the bank, a peculiar adventure. First, you walk into the first door, as seen (note the reflection of those funny Americans walking about in their pajamas) in the picture, and wait for the first door to lock. Then, upon the door locking, you then press the button in the small glass chamber you find yourself in. Then, while in the glass chamber there is a camera which watches you while you wait and eventually, the second door unlocks (click!) and you're in! I can only imagine this prevents theft of some kind. Or, maybe, it's just a device to make those silly tourists look like fools (worked on us!)

Behind that Greek dude, you can see Husband, in the small glass chamber.

Thus ends the excitement of day two, the one spent in our pajamas. (My luggage did arrive that afternoon).

Day Three: OH NO! What have we done?!?!

The Greek have a fabulous history and mentality that they know they have a fabulous history. So, as we traveled about on the first day with real clothing (yay!) and enjoyed said fabulous history, we noticed some unfabulousness brought on by America (aww!)

This beautiful church was right outside our hotel. The bells woke us up on Sundays, but we didn't mind, because they too, were beautiful. 

Our local market (just a few minutes walking from the hotel) was three stories and had these fun staircases connecting the floors!

Greek Spam!

On our walk to the incredible Parthenon, you can see it waaaay up there!

"WTH?" said the Bennetts. Greek coffee trumps Starbucks BTW (sorry, Seattle)

Some ancient Greek ruins, just chillin' behind a fence on our walk to the Acropolis. SO COOL!

The Roman Agora (Place of Assembly)

The Temple of Hermes, the Greek god of commerce. This is the building that has lasted the longest, and been preserved the best (so therefore was probably the newest)

Up Close to the Temple of Hermes

An Apostle Church!!! OR, as I put it, a Jesus church!

We later learned, that where we stood, was the first place, Mars Hill, where Paul preached the Gospel in Greece. Even the Greek knew that was a huge deal. Needless to say, we were breathless. (Eeek!)

More Jesus church

The Theater of Dionysus. The really, really cool part about this (besides the perfect acoustics and it's sheer beauty) is they still use it! Love it, Greeks!

The view on our walk up... to the Parthenon!!

Alas! Here it is!

It's being preserved

As this is the temple to the goddess Athena, these are presumably statues of her likeness?

A GIANT door into the Temple

This was a temple to a roman emperor, and is now the new Acropolis Museum! It was renovated with funding from none other than J.D. Rockefeller. Weird, huh?

Cool ancient Greek stuff in the museum. I like to try and imagine what it would be like to be there, to use this stuff...


So after all this touring, we were hungry! So, we had...

Cheese balls!

And a real Greek salad!

Sad American thing number two. The poor Greek. We've brought them terrible beer. Notice also, the juxtaposition of the Miller sign and the neoclassical Greek architecture

We were walking home from the acropolis and we noticed these triangular glass things sticking up from the sidewalk, and beneath the glass...

Ancient Greek ruins! They have found that a lot of Athens is built over ancient Greece, and here a resourceful way to keep that ancient brilliance!

As we headed home, I snapped this last look at Plaka, the beautiful city that surrounds the acropolis. Love the architecture...

That's it for now. More about our adventures to come soon!


Christina said...

I was taking a look around here and love the beginning of your all's story together. As terrible as parts of it were (being sick/luggage) one day you will look back with such fondness and hopefully laugh at those crazy times. Greece is beautiful (I don't speak from experience...your pictures are great!)!

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