Monday, August 1, 2011

The Honeymoon! [Part Two]

Days Four-The End
(This second part of the honeymoon seems to have just merged into several days of awesome in my memory)

That Day we Climbed the Stupid Hill

So, I was reading our guide to Athens (thank you, Areos hotel) and found out about this really cool restaurant that was seated atop the highest hill in Athens. So naturally, being the hopeless-romantic-lovey-dovey-newlyweds we are, we opted to climb said hill in hopes of having a romantic dinner in the clouds.

Boy, are we fools.

By now, of course, we should have realized that combined Husband and I surely define Murphy's Law, but like fools, we trekked on. After walking aimlessly and curiously through a bad neighborhood and over a busy highway (oops, shoulda studied that guide better),we found the hill! And, it looked... Like a campground. Or a nature trail. Or some sort of hiking ground. It was a dirt path woven up through brush in a slightly upwards direction. What it didn't look like, was a path leading to a presumably fancy restaurant overlooking beauty. But, we'd made it this far, so mumbling and grumbling, we hiked. And hiked. And hiked. Then, the sweating started, and and some more grumbling, and lots of climbing.  Finally, reaching a plateau in the climb, we found a parking lot with what looked like an immense driveway attached. Que: "what the heck?!" So, we followed intuition and walked up that immense driveway. This led us to, what? More hill! This section of the hill had a cement path. It was in this moment during the whole ordeal, that we first caught sight of the view.

So, of course, we stopped to take pictures!

See how fancy we were? If you look closely, you can see that we're soaked in sweat. Poor husband in his black shirt :(

There's that cement path

The view from the cement path! Whoo!

So, up the hill we went more, and alas! Eureka! I have found it! Sorry, got a little carried away... Anyway, we did find the super fancy restaurant and indulged in the joy of beer and appetizers whilst enjoying the view of a lifetime.

So this, my friends, is a really good tip, all in coins. This equals like nine bucks. Crazy... No? Alright, well I think so

This was the bathroom sink! Whaaa? (BTW! The bathrooms were all one... I.E. Girls and boys did their bidness in the same room. Whoa! Keep it p.g. people, different stalls)

So, during dinner, we learned something new and interesting. Remember that hill? That ridiculously high, impossible to climb, hike? WELL, apparently, there's this tram that takes folks dressed in fancy attire up and down the hill. Yeah, we learned this during dinner. Whoopsee!

So here we were, taking pictures, waiting for the tram, admiring the lovely little quotables (about the hill) on the wall. Enjoy!

See that? 277 meters people! That's a lot in a dress...

(OH Man) That Day we got in a Car Accident then sat on a Ferry for EIGHT HOURS

So, Expedia had this really sweet travel deal on it. Ride a boat to Santorini, stay the night, and ride a boat back. "Wow!" Thought the naive Americans, that sounds positively lovely! So, we purchased two tickets. Little did we know...

(Part One)

So, we got picked up (at 6AM) for our Santorini adventure (whee!) by a taxi driver. He drove, like all Greek drivers, wherever he saw fit to drive. So, after another whirlwind adventure with Mr. Taxi, we arrived at the port, and whilst the driver made his way up to the boats- CRASH! BANG! BOOM! Okay... so maybe just the crash. Oops! The driver, following his general routine of blatant disregard for laws of traffic... or, well physics, had slammed into another. Que angry Greek yelling. And, like any fun-loving American couple, we hopped out the cab, grabbed our luggage, and headed off to our next form of Greek-driven transportation, giddy as ever!

(Part Two)

So, we headed onto the boat, greeted by a friendly Greek guy in a cute little suit, and we thought, what fun! A ferry! This ended soon. After realizing that we A. Didn't have actual seats on the ferry which was B. Packed tighter than a sardine can (which I hear are packed very tightly) on our... C. EIGHT HOUR FERRY RIDE?!?!?! This detail had not be divulged to us at ANY part of the purchasing, and it wasn't until we glanced at our tickets (which we received during the cab ride) that we realized that we'd be foiled. Drat! So, by the time we got through A-C, the picnic-style benches had all been claimed. So, we pulled together some chairs that looked like lawn chairs painted white, and began our eight hour adventure. We read our bibles. We listened to music. We talked. We tried (fail.) to nap. We ate. Twice. And, oh yeah, we took an absurd amount of pictures.

The Arrival!

You, my dear reader, cannot even fathom the volume of sheer joy we experienced, upon seeing the cliff line of Santorini. Unless, of course, you have sat on a Ferry in a lawn chair, more or less, for eight hours. Then, of course, you get it. Anyways, we had arrived! So, we rushed off the boat and headed to to find the bus that would take us to happiness!

Bye bye ferry boat [!!! from hell !!! >XO ]

We were SO glad this wasn't our van...

And up the Santorini Cliff side we headed, exhausted.

We got to our hotel and landed here, with a big- KERPLOP! (Notice how they really gave us the European honeymoon suite ;) ) Then we settled in to take a nap (around 6 PM) and woke up the next morning (around 8 AM).

After our leeetle nap, we, well I, took some pictures of our simply adorable hotel

And had breakfast in the breakfast bar (also simply adorable!)

Then, we headed to the beach!

Santorini Beach!

We laid in these...

And drank some of these...

And took pictures of our feet!

And our adorable selves!

And we swam in the Mediterranean Sea... Which was crystal clear!

It was really this clear, no matter how far you got. Now, onto more adorable-ness

Thus ended our all-day beach-adventure!

So, we headed back to the hotel, cleaned up a bit..

... Then meandered around the beach area for some eats. After surveying nearly every restaurant and finding our favorite deal, we finally decided on...A Lobster-Spaghetti Feast! Yes, really, and actually, the two went really well together!

(This is the view from the feast, in case you were wondering)


After that, our Santorini adventure was pretty much over. So, we headed back to the ferry (que sighing), but this time with the right attitude, the attitude of winners.

So, I should mention, we learned on day one in Greece that it's totally socially acceptable to cut people in line if they're not paying attention. Especially if those people are tourists. So, when in Rome..

After securing a place near the head of the get-on-the-Ferry-line, ya know, near all the Greek people, we waited...

With baited breath, our stomachs churning in anticipation, we waited for the doors to open, then- WHOOSH! The race began! As Jordan solidly gripped my hand, we maneuvered through human traffic, right, left, right, left, pushing onward, avoiding collisions, in a true Darwinistic race to the ferry. It was survival of the fittest, Greek against Greek, a true test of courage, a race determining the next eight hours of comfort, and it appeared we were only coming up in the middle... But wait! We had a secret weapon! As the front racers rode the escalator to the top portion of the ferry, to the best picnic benches in the house (ones with cushions), Jordan popped ahead- racing off the escalator to the non-moving stairs (you know, the traditional sort that require physical movement to proceed upward) and jumped- literally jumped- onto a cushioned bench, thus securing, as he put it, safety and comfort for our family. What a guy!

Don't worry, we're only two people, we shared the bench, especially with the elderly.

This ends part two of the Honeymoon Adventures. More soon, I promise. I'm just... so tired, and I'm pretty sure I have early-onset carpal tunnel...


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