Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Once Upon a Sedona [Part Two]

 Greetings bloggers! Well, it turns out I have a fever, which is keeping us from our typical Tuesday night "Redemption Community" (it's not a bible study, but it's similar). Which means I have some time to catch up on this bad boy girl blog. I left you on the first night of our Sedona trip, so here's what we did next:

We met up with hubband's sister and brother-in-law again for breakfast, actually in the same context as before mentioned (we choose restaurant, we get table, they join us, they crash table.) at the Blue Moon Cafe, which we then realized was actually kind of our restaurant soul-mate. Okay, maybe that's a little much, but we were super excited about this:

Too bad it was breakfast-time, and I'm not sure if you follow this rule, but for us breakfast time = no booze

We found some sweet reading material as well!

 Okay! Onward we headed to our first wine tasting of the day. What? First of the day? I know, tell me about it. My hubband's silly wifey accidentally booked a hotel room that included a wine tasting as well as a wine tasting. Oops.

So, here we are, drinking wine. At ten in the morning. This is totally not normal for us. I swear. 

So, when hubband drinks wine, this funny thing happens. As it turns out, his shnoz is too big for the glass, and he ends up stuck like so. This phenomenon= amusing for me, annoying for him.

Here's a funny napkin.

And hubband found some "giant lizards" he  had to take pictures of. 

After enjoying some tasty wine, we left, had some lunch, and headed south for the next adventure of the day! We met up at Alcantara Vineyards, where we would enjoy our second wine tasting, but first:

Yep, you guessed it, we went kayaking with this crew!

The instructors were FANTASTIC. We couldn't have learned better from anyone else, and altogether the experience was such a blast. I, of course, fell in the water almost immediately, instantly becoming "the one to watch" to the instructors. Sure, they might have just been making sure I didn't fall in again/kill myself/get eaten by a bear/get swallowed by a gigantic fish, but who doesn't mind some individual instruction? Anyways, none of those things happened, and we had a blast.

It wasn't even that hard, I mean, I did only fall in once...

One of our superb instructors

Look! We're kayaking! And loving it!

 After our river trip, we shuffled out of our wet stuff, and went to the winery/vineyard, for a tasting. And it was so GOOD

Relaxed and refreshed, we headed to our final Sedona adventure, horseback riding with these folks. They kind of forgot to mention, when we reserved the trip, that the journey would be a four million-mile drive on a very bumpy dirt road. IF so, we probably wouldn't have brought Madeline, our little Volkswagen Beetle. OH well, C'est la vie.

Hubband, whom this particular adventure was really for, loved the horseback ride. This is the second third horse he's been on in his whole life, counting the first, which would be the time he found out he was deathly allergic to horses. But alas, as he no longer is allergic to them.... he gets moments like these:

 I did not even realize that anyone was taking some of these...

 Hubband, of course, still remembers the name of his horse, Bill. I on the other hand... I think it was Sally? Ginger? No?

I've been through desert on a horse with no name... Okay, well, she he it did have a name.

And, there-you-have-it. Our Sedona Adventure! Thanks for reading. As always, we love you!


Andrea said...

Wow I'm super impressed with the kayaking (even though you fell in)! And wine at 10:00 AM! Score!

Mrs. Bennett said...

Thanks! It was quite the adventure! :)

Lindsey said...

Wow what an amazing time, looks so fun! Great photos!

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