Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Adventures in Public Transportation

So, in order to get my body from home to work and work to home, I use public transportation. This evening, while waiting for my train, I was approached by a gentlemen who... how should I say this... didn't seem completely coherent? Anyways, he looked homeless and we had a conversation that I'm pretty sure went like this:

Man: (approaches) what you do?
Me: *blinks* muttering something profound, along the lines of, uhm...
Man: I need to know East or West
Me: Oh, this train goes East
Man: oh I want to go to ______
Me: You need to go west. That train is over there *gestures dramatically* 
Man: I want to go to _____. That's west?
Me: Yes, you need to go west. That train is over there gestures dramatically*
Man: Are you an angel?
Me: haha, uhm, no.  
Man: You're an angel! * retrieves broken glasses from coat pocket *
Man: *precedes to look through broken glasses retrieved from coat pocket by holding them up to his face, as they are broken*
Man: Exclaims, "you are an angel!"
Me: haha, uhm, no. 
Man: * mutters something incoherent *
Me: you need to go west, that train is over there. * gestures less dramatically, but yet still with gusto *
Man: you're going to read about jesse, you're going to read about pointing over there *gestures dramatically in the direction of the westbound train*
Me: *smiles* 
Me: *blinks*
Man: (beginning to walk away) jesse
Me: okay! *smiles*
Man: God bless 
Me: you too! 
Man: *walks away and sits on nearby bench*
Man: Jesseeeeee

He then continued to yell "Jesseeeee" in my general direction until I boarded my train. Which was late. 

Oh, public transportation. ;)


Kayla said...

Oh my word. I'm a small town girl and I would've just lost it. Hahaha.

Mrs. Bennett said...

You're telling me! I've been in the area for a while now, and downtown still freaks me out sometimes!

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