Sunday, November 6, 2011

California Dreamin'


Here we are again, ready to share love and adventure! Since we found our camera, we thought we'd share with you our recent (well, if early September is recent to you). It'll be fun, just like you went with us!

Because we're young and crazy, we decided we should just  begin our six hour drive up right after I got off work (5:30 PM). We wanted to begin the adventure! Here we are at our first only stop along the way. Like I said, young and crazy.

It's a love bug, get it?

The driver, storing up some energy

Thrilled. To say the least.

 After sleeping in the next day, err, shall I say the day we arrived... we walked around and noticed that nearby was this HUGE vacant hotel. We're not sure of the reasons why (our bet's on the economy), but it was ca-reeep-y. So, naturally, we took pictures!

Then came some harbor-walking, doughnut eating, general merriment. Duh.

annnnnd, of course! A trip to the beach! Romance ensued. 

Madeline had never felt more at home.

The next morning, we headed to Hotel # 2, after a run of course!
What can I say? It was nice out...

Why yes, that is Mr. and Mrs. Bennett having a super duper romantical beachy picnic thing. 

Hubband being all Mr.-artistic-creative-guy

I'm missing the creative angle on this one. Man meets camera? Man meets camera sees foot? Maybe? No?

If I could capture our essence in two shots...

Our second hotel room was very castle-like. Hubband even had to slay a dragon that had found it's way into the commode. There was some residual swooning. 

Our Living Social deal included a free drink during a special time. Win!

Sun-kissed, content, and lovely.

What a fun-tacular adventure! We loved little Oxnard. Not pictured was a morning surfing, a fun trip to Ventura for Thai and some light thrift store shopping, and oh, of course, two happy hearts. Although, I guess you get an image of those vicariously. 

Until next time!
We love you!


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