Friday, November 25, 2011

Fitness Friday! LOOK! It's really on a Friday! I did it people!

Where I last left you, I had just completed the Breast Cancer 5K and I was hurting, but resting. Well, I had to, much to hubband's frustration, start running again, because The Rugged Maniac was coming up! So, I started training for that, ignoring the pain in my leg, and ran it with a wonderful group of girls. (So blessed). It was the hardest [physical] thing I've ever done. Ever. And I did play sports. Let me reiterate.

It was the hardest [physical] thing I've ever done. 

Hey look pictures of the hardest [physical] thing I've ever done!

We started off fairly clean! It was verrrrrry chilly and windy that day!

As you can see, we started in the very back of the pack.

The first and second walls, I believe.

Oh, those horrible hills!

Jumping on poles and running through tires

Slide! This was so much fun, but the water at the bottom was really cold!

I hated this part. Crawling through the dank, small, dirt-filled tube freaked me out. I actually preferred crawling under barbed wire over this!

And the last wall! Which was really really tall!

 My lovely friend Katie pushed me up. I did not make it up there on my own!

And the fire at the finish!

We're warriors!

Rugged warriors!

Cute rugged warriors.

After the finish! We were so dirty! Notice how I was the dirtiest... Hrm..

So, after that, my leg was pretty much a goner. Saw one of those doctor guys, turns out I injured my Tibialis anterior muscle/tendon. It's okay, you don't have to worry. I listened to that doctor guy. I rested. I iced. I even bought a brace and new shoes! And I am back in action now! Until next Fitness Friday! Later people!


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