Monday, November 14, 2011


Alright, so this was totally supposed to happen Friday. #bloggingfail. See?! See?! It works in real life! Anyhoo, I am, as of right now, right this very moment, at this present time, right here in this section of the linear succession we know as time.... going to start a Fitness Friday feature! I'll hold for your applause.

Okay people, I am training for a half marathon in January, but only if you use the term training as sort of a loose example. I had some set backs okay? Which I shall eloquently describe now.

It all started with the breast cancer 5K. I had trained pretty hard for it, and I was sore. Mind you, I'm not a stupid girl. I gave myself 3 days rest before the race, but I was still sore before the race, that is, my left lower leg was sore, mostly the calf area. This proooobably had to do with my shoes, which were old. Which, if you run, you know is akin to running with a toxic virus of epic proportions. Not such a good idea. So, toxic virus old shoes led to sore leg on Breast Cancer 5Kday. Wow. This is a lot of words. Here, have some pictures:

Let me just say I am blessed. Blessed because I have wonderful friends who share the passion of running with me. We have so much fun!

Before the race! Also with us are two of the mommies of the group :)

We started in the very, very back!


 After :)

Look at all that fun! Don't you just want to run with us now? 

After this race, my leg hurt. Not just the same soreness hurt. Like, I injured my calf hurt. So, I rested for a couple weeks. Seriously. I did. Two weeks, no running. The thing is, that didn't do anything... and I had another race coming up...

More exciting leg and fitness updates coming this Friday. We'll see a solid attempt at an actual Fitness Friday.

Until then, I know you're absolutely sick with anticipation ;)

Lots of love!


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