Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Full of Thanks!

As the big day is tomorrow, you know, the happiest day of the year, Thanksgiving, we thought we ought to share some of the things we’re very thankful for :-]

Our Thankfuls

1.   1. Salvation! We’re forever thankful for a God who saves, who has saved us, and who every day saves us from ourselves ;) . We’re thankful for mercy, grace, and everyday learning more and more about the character of our loving and powerful God who sent His son to die and live again for us, saving us from what we deserved. 

     2. Family. We’re surrounded by a wonderful family who loves us, teaches us, and takes care of us, we are so blessed!

3.  3. Friends. We’re also surrounded by a “family of friends” I like to say, people who are so close and dear to us that we’d call them our own. People who have given so much of themselves for us. We love our people!

4.  4. We’re thankful for the daily blessings we have: jobs, a roof over our heads, food in our mouths.

5.  5. We’re incredibly thankful for each other, how God brought us together and how we came to be as a couple, now married people, is a really awesome story. We so didn’t deserve it, but we have incredible love for one another.

Obviously there’s so so much more, but those are the big ones!

Adrienne’s Thankfuls 

1. Running! I lurrrrrrve to run! And I’m grateful for legs on which I can exercise and a body I can work out!

2. My hubband! Loves him!

3. Family and Friends. Seriously. I can’t say this enough. We are SO blessed. I LOVE my family! I LOVE my inlaws! I LOVE my friend! Like I said, SO blessed!

4. THIS blog! I know, cheese-a-licious. But, mcseriously. I’m loving the output of our adventures and the input of love.Thanks readers! I’m SO grateful for you!

5. THANKSGIVING. Because this glorious day of food IS the happiest of the year, snuggled right up next to ma birthday.
There’s always so much more, I’m thankful for freedom, for our church community, for our church, for MUSIC, and really, for everything we’re so blessed with. Like time.

Hubband’s Thankfuls

1. My wife! And her reminding me about doctrines of grace

2. But mostly my wife

3. And mostly mostly Jesus

4. My family, both my wife's and mine, they're always there for us

5. Friends that are new and old who still care and are honest people

6. My job, a bit of a drive, but great experience

7. For our church and watching God move it in beautiful ways

8. For our small group, a strong group of believers
9. Our apartment, it’s nice to have things and a place for them

10. This country and the numerous freedoms it gives us

11. And food, love me some food

(Don’t worry people, he’s thankful for the blog too. He just forgot)

Okay folks, there it is. Thank you, and good night! Have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful Thanksgiving!

OH, and did anyone else notice that hubband’s list is rather a, uh, man list? And mine is rather, uh, not? No? Alright, well,



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