Monday, November 14, 2011

A Mini-Adventure: Family Style

So, I've been so fortunate to marry into a family who owns a cabin in the mountains, which, belieeeeve me, I've taken full advantage of! Recently (you know, if recent is a relative term meaning several months ago), hubband and I traveled up to the mountains with my mom and dadio. It was a loverly little getaway!

 So, this picture is funny because my dad and I essentially have the same personality. I know they say that girls marry their dads, but my personality is just like my dads... so I actually married someone like my mom. Which is whyyyy this picture is funny, because in it, my dad and I are chillin' out, watching TV while my mom and Jordan bring the bags in... Whoops.

I have this thing for aprons. Too bad this adorable little lady was $30.

 We went thrifting a bit, and found some sweet stuff.

Later on, there were some games. Hubband and I kicked the 'rents' bums.

My dad, clearly fully engaged.


Awh!! We just love them :)

This is our version of the above picture...

On the last night, I made Carne Asada Tacos... Yum :)

The real shredded cabbage yo. And homemade salsa. The real deal.

 There it is! A small, fun mini adventure :) We sure had a blast.


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