Friday, November 4, 2011

NaBloPoMo Yo!

I got this idea from my super sister, so check her stuffz out. 

Leave it up to me to do this at the last possible minute. Hey, at least I’m doing it, yeah? It’s National Blog Posting Month ! Boys don’t shave, and I, in addition to many, many others, plan on blogging every day this November. Why? So many good things come out of this, but for me, I would love to become more consistent and maybe..maybe..maybe? become a little bit less of a perfectionist about everything in the world ma blog posts. Yeah, well, we’ll see. I'm not making any promises people. 

Anyhoo, obviously I’m late in the game. Duh. Adrienne is to late as water is to wet (ooh I should write the SATs). Right. Late, so I’ll have to make up a few posts to make up so I still can get thirty in, but let no obstacle stand in my way! Look, I even got a little button thingy:

So pretty…

So there ya have it. Let the games begin!

Hey, okay, so there aren’t really going to be games on my blog. Put down your pitchforks, I was being metaphorical. Because I’m just friggen’ fancy like that.

Thanks for joining me in this creative-mind-explosion-of-awesome, love ya people!


Andrea said...

Yay you're doing NaBloPoMo too!!! I like it so far! Yesterday I wrote a post in 45 minutes! Holy cow, didn't know I could do that! I think I shall learn a lot about bloggy goodness!! Did you add your blog to the BlogHer site? Thanks for the linky love too!

Mrs. Bennett said...

Haha! I did one in 30 today, crazy! I did and you're welcome :)

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