Saturday, November 19, 2011

Oh, hey there

 What?! No post since Thursday? I have seriously failed nopoblomokodorofroto. We'll see if I can catch up from this set back! In the meantime, random facts about my weekend so far!

1. One big reason I haven't blogged recently, is because the hubband and I left Friday with two of our very best friends to the cabin in the mountains for my bestest friends birthday! And also, because it's just plain awesometacular to have a cabin in the mountains, so we use it!

2. We almost hit an elk on the way up- yikes! The car in front of us swerved away from it, and we did one of those awkward uh-which-way-no-you-go-no-you dances. Only, it was with an elk and a car.

3. The bestest friend and her husband have an absolutely adorable 3 year old son who has been full of cuteness and wonderful on this mini-trip!

4. For example, hubband was the first to wake up after the 3 year old today, so they bonded for a bit, and hubband made sir cuteness some oatmeal with applesauce and a little bit of sugar. So, sir cuteness, after finishing his first bowl, asked for "more oatmeal with salt". See? Sir cuteness.

5. We spent some time at the lake today, just relaxing and enjoying being alone in the immense wilderness. It was incredible.

6. Now that I'm done with school, and recovering from all the stress and anxiety of working full time and going to school for 4 years, I'm really learning to re-lax and breeeaaattthheee. I've never enjoyed nature more than I did this weekend.

7. It was a wonderfully splendid, absolutely blessed, beautiful over night adventure.

Thanks for tuning in folks, we love ya. Hope your weekend has been as splendid!


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