Monday, November 28, 2011

So We Took a Day Off Work to go to the STATE FAIR BABY!

I honestly don't even think this post needs pictures. So, please, bask in the raw awesome that was our trip to the State Fair. Seriously. Friggen' bask people!

(on the light rail to the fair!)

Anyone else see my horist?! (On the walk to the fair)

 Me: Are those?
Hubband: yeap.

 This is us in 60 years.

 Hubband won him!

Can anyone else see the sunburned walk man? (on the walk home)

Okay, so I said some words. WHAT a wonderful day! 

We love you! Thanks for sharing the great adventure!
Maybe next year you'll join us? We promise we won't kiss as much! ;) 


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