Tuesday, November 22, 2011

To Black Friday or Not Black Friday? That, is the Question.

Now, there’s a serious adventure. The lines. The crazy. The sales. Gets me every year. Every single year, I tell myself, I’m not going to do it, I will not go shopping on Black Friday, but then the ads come in and pretty soon I’m creating a spreadsheet projecting price estimates, sales percentages, and what I’m going to buy. This year, we’re really not in need of much. We have things we could surely use (many of our socks have been deemed “holy” and hubband could really use some new work pants, ya know, before he runs holes into his, not to mention the holes spreading throughout the inseams of mine…) but again, do we need? Plus, amidst the chaos, it seems like I always buy more than planned. Plus, I read this article online today, are there are some seriously valid points. 

OH, but the sales. What do you think people? Black Friday or no? What are your plans for the post-Turkey spend-a-palooza-gala? 

Don't worry people, I'm not skipping over the glory that is The Happiest Best Day in the World Thanksgiving, there's more on that coming :) We have TONS to be thankful for :)


Kaitlin said...

I don't really do Black Friday shopping. The headache isn't worth it. Plus you can find some good sales online!

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