Friday, November 4, 2011

Where's the Love Ya'll? C'mon

Thanks to The Black Eyed Peas for some sweet title inspiration. I know, I know I just  posted about NaBloPoMo but after I thought about it, I realized that was my first post in awhile. So, why no lately-lovely-bloggyness you ask? Well, as our loving reader, we owe you an explanation. Don’t you worry your pretty little face, there have been adventures. Great adventures. Fun romantical lovely adventures. And you know what else there was? Pictures. Documentation of these wonderous adventures. But, we may or may not have… Okay, we lost the camera. Bummer, right? Tell me about it. Actually, don’t tell me about it, because it makes me sad.

So, anyways, here’s the consolation prize. Our recent adventures, in list form (with minimal phone pictures):

1.       - A little after Sedona, we went to adorable Oxnard, California . This was another one of those  Living Social Escapes that we had, just like Sedona. Great deal, great time. We surfed, we ran (a little), we explored, and overall, we had some genuine great-for-our-marriage/chillaxin’/awesometacular times. 

Observe: Phone picture of some lovely boats at the Oxnard Harbor:


2.      -We both took a day off to go to the Arizona State Fair . It was absolutely amazing! We rode rides, ate some junk, drank lemonade, and Jordan won me a Minion! 

Phone picture of I and Minion, now affectionately named Bob:
(Ignore my ick, I had just spent the entire day at the State Fair, mmmkay? In fact, me thinks I'll make this picture a leetle one... there, that's better)

There ya have it. More adventures, category: vacations and time off. Delivery format isn't as fun as what we had planned without the pictures, but alas, c'est la vie. 

We have some more recent adventures to share, including a couple races I've participated in, some plays we’ve been to, our good friends’ wedding (yippee!), a Halloween adventure (muahaha), and a cuhhh-razy home adventure, so sit tight (whatever the crap that means). Mcseriously.

Love you people!


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