Tuesday, December 6, 2011

[Tired] Tuesday's Ten

I was inspired by my lovely friend Kaitlin to list it up today, and Tuesdays are always Tired Tuesdays!

1. I've had bowls full of anxiety this week. Big bowls. Someone recently suggested St. John's Wort. And bubble baths. And wine. And Blue Moon. Those all sound great to me...

2. Speaking of bubble baths, I have this thing with bath tubs. Like, they gross me out. I can't bathe at hotels, or in our criz-appy apartment bathtub. They just seem so dirty to me. Am I a complete freak weirdo? Anyone else have this issue?

3. We just returned from ze vonderful cabin! We celebrated our 6 month anniversary! I know, it seems silly, but half a year is kinda a big deal! More on that laterz

4. We did end up going out on Black Friday! We got some much needed clothing items!

5. I was really sick last week, and it's because of pride. Mcseriously. My dad was sick on Thanksgiving, and when he tried to stop me from sharing a drink with him, I said, "I never get sick!" and BAM. GERMS INVADE NOW. That's kinda how it went down. I'm better now though. Stupid pride germs.

6. Hmm.. Running out of randoms here. That always happens doesn't it? You always have really cool, amazing, incredible, awesometacular things to say until you start writing. Hubband got a hair cut. That counts, right? He's less werewolf-y now.

7. We're in the process of moving. Story of my life. But this story has lots of boxes and mess and more mess and boxes and everything is EVERYWHERE. We're hoping it has a happy ending though.

8. I've recently discovered Strawberry Kiwi Vitamin Water. It was love at first sip.


9. We're kind of behind on the whole Christmas card scene. Hubband started designing them but the project has since fallen behind. And please, no one mention the word "Shutterfly". The man would not have it.

10. We also haven't decorated for Christmas. Because then we'd have to clean. I don't wanna talk about it.

Hooray! There's your ten! Lots of love people!


Kaitlin said...

You're welcome for the inspiration! I got it from another friends blog. It's just something simple to get some thoughts out there. I never have enough for a full blog post.


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