Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NaBloPoMo Results (Yo)!

25 posts in 30 days. Not bad eh? Oh, this one counts. Duh. I'd say I did pretty good. I mean the goal is to write, and I wrote TONS more than I ever have on the blog. Sometimes, it was really hard to write, but overall my writing had to have improved, as English teachers have always told us writing more improves writing skillz. Maybe, not in so many words, but nevertheless, English teachers are pretty much always right. Duh.

Hooray for National Blog Posting Month! Success!

Wordless Wednesday

Little tidbits from our honeymoon. Lovely :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Adventures in Dates!

We love dates! Let me reiterate, we LOVE dates! We're quite busy, but when we get a chance and erm, uhm, the money, we date it up!! Here are some of our date adventures!

 A post-work date
at our favorite wine and food places- both are amazing! 5th and Wine

 On our way to West Side Story! Which we didn't like... sorry people.

 At our FAVORITE sushi spot! Masa Sushi


Monday, November 28, 2011

So We Took a Day Off Work to go to the STATE FAIR BABY!

I honestly don't even think this post needs pictures. So, please, bask in the raw awesome that was our trip to the State Fair. Seriously. Friggen' bask people!

(on the light rail to the fair!)

Anyone else see my horist?! (On the walk to the fair)

 Me: Are those?
Hubband: yeap.

 This is us in 60 years.

 Hubband won him!

Can anyone else see the sunburned walk man? (on the walk home)

Okay, so I said some words. WHAT a wonderful day! 

We love you! Thanks for sharing the great adventure!
Maybe next year you'll join us? We promise we won't kiss as much! ;) 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Fitness Friday! LOOK! It's really on a Friday! I did it people!

Where I last left you, I had just completed the Breast Cancer 5K and I was hurting, but resting. Well, I had to, much to hubband's frustration, start running again, because The Rugged Maniac was coming up! So, I started training for that, ignoring the pain in my leg, and ran it with a wonderful group of girls. (So blessed). It was the hardest [physical] thing I've ever done. Ever. And I did play sports. Let me reiterate.

It was the hardest [physical] thing I've ever done. 

Hey look pictures of the hardest [physical] thing I've ever done!

We started off fairly clean! It was verrrrrry chilly and windy that day!

As you can see, we started in the very back of the pack.

The first and second walls, I believe.

Oh, those horrible hills!

Jumping on poles and running through tires

Slide! This was so much fun, but the water at the bottom was really cold!

I hated this part. Crawling through the dank, small, dirt-filled tube freaked me out. I actually preferred crawling under barbed wire over this!

And the last wall! Which was really really tall!

 My lovely friend Katie pushed me up. I did not make it up there on my own!

And the fire at the finish!

We're warriors!

Rugged warriors!

Cute rugged warriors.

After the finish! We were so dirty! Notice how I was the dirtiest... Hrm..

So, after that, my leg was pretty much a goner. Saw one of those doctor guys, turns out I injured my Tibialis anterior muscle/tendon. It's okay, you don't have to worry. I listened to that doctor guy. I rested. I iced. I even bought a brace and new shoes! And I am back in action now! Until next Fitness Friday! Later people!

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