Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ten for Tuesday

1.      I’ve recovered! Well, not completely. I went home sick from work just a few days before Christmas. Wait- lemme rephrase. My mom came downtown and picked up from work and hubband took me to urgent care. I was seen, by the grace of God, by a super-awesome-happy-wonderful-super-awesome doctor there, which is a Christmas miracle, justsoyouknow. She told me I had bronchitis and that my lungs sounded “very yucky”. Super technical stuff. Cue the coma. So, I missed out on Christmas Eve church and other public activities, but we made a lovely gingerbread house—pictures to come! 

2.      Christmas was awesome the best Christmas ever. We were totally blessed with gifts this year, and had a lovely married-people time together. It really was the #bestchristmasever. [love me some hash tags]

3.     One of my best friends and her wonderful husband, some of our best “couple friends”, moved to Texas this weekend. It’s awesome because it’s such a wonderful opportunity for them. On the other hand, I already miss her guts like crazy. 

4.      We spent New Year’s weekend at hubband’s family cabin up north, a yearly tradition I partake in with great friends from high school. Hubband is now forced blessed to join in. It was such a wonderful weekend of friends, laughter, and snow ball fights.

5.       I don’t make resolutions. I never have, I guess I never got it. I try to make goals all year round, but, I’ve seen different resolutions around the blogosphere and I'm starting to think it’s actually a cool idea, now that I've seen it in action. Maybe my resolution for 2012 will be to make resolutions for 2012. Yeah? No? 

6.      We watched the first six episodes of Walking Dead last night. Obsessed doesn’t even begin to describe our love for this show.

7.      We slept in until 10:30 or later every day of our New Year’s weekend. It was awesome.
8.      At the cabin it was in the 50s, but there was snow on the ground. Weird, right? Or is this normal? We can’t decide.

9.      Yesterday, my dad's friend’s band (got that?) came to my parent’s house and hubband and I jammed out with them. I sang and hubband got to play his drums. It was fun to jam out to some classics, even if hubband and I didn’t really know all the songs.

10. My parents got a new baby puppy. It was a Christmas present from my sister. He’s adorable, wonderful, and awesome on all levels. Needless to say, I love my new baby brother. Pictures soon, I promise.


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Glad you had a wonderful holiday and New Years!!

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