Sunday, March 18, 2012

Adventures of the Weekend-Sort

It's a bit early to be talking about the weekend as if it has already ended, but it's pouring out here in the desert in a way that makes us want to lay in bed for the remainder of this crazy weekend.

Also, this post will probably be, let's see how should I say this, less animated more boring than usual. See why now:


We left immediately from work and headed over for dinner + movies with some wonderful people. On the menu? Jack in the Box and Sam Adams. Needless to say, Friday night ended up being a cheat night for me. Whoops.We watched Abduction  first, which ended up being kind of a dorky teen-type flick, that, let's say, not all parties enjoyed. I don't know why we thought this would be anything but a kind of dorky-teen-type flick, as Taylor Lautner was the main character. Red Box, you failed us. But, it's okay people, the night wasn't a complete Red-Box-bomb. We followed Abduction with Our Idiot Brother, which was funny, witty, and actually rather insightful. Those us of who managed to stay awake throughout the whole film enjoyed it thoroughly ;).


We I trudged out of bed after the late-night-movie-fest and met a sweet friend for coffee and awesome girly-bondingness. It was awesome! we found a small local shop (those are the best) and enjoyed some super delicious javas while catching up. Afterwords, we perused the local Plato's Closet where I scored a cute shirt and dress for $15 bucks. I totally dig second-hand shopping scores.

Since Saturday night was St. Patty's (duh) we got together with [more!] friends. Our superfantastical friend Jeff, being the superbly amazing cook he is, made delicious corned beef and cabbage. I'd never had it before, and uhhhhmygosh it was amazing.

Do I even need to say that this ended up being cheat night # 2?

Our amazing chef. (I unfortunately missed getting a picture with his girlfriend, who is also amazing).

After some digestion time (during which we introduced them to the IT Crowd- they will forever be indebted to us) we headed out to a local place and ended up doing some karaoke. Let me just say, I LOVE karaoke. The four of us delivered an astounding rendition Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" which earned us a room full of applause.

The lesson? Great friends + great food + karaoke= great night.

We got to sleep around 2, which typically isn't a particulary interesting or important point, except Saturday afternoon hubband had gotten a text from one of the pastors from one of the campuses of our church (did you follow that?) asking Jordan to fill in on drums last minute. We're always happy to serve, and when that service involves doing music, we're especially always happy to serve.

Which brings me to...


We woke up at 7 today (gross) and headed off for another spectacular day. Hubband drummed and I sang for the service. At this particular campus, the songs are delivered half in Spanish and the message is translated, so the sermon is in English and Spanish, which meets the demographics/needs of the community surrounding the campus. So, not only do we get to listen to an awesome sermon, but I also get to practice my Spanish a bit! We're definitely going to try and make it to that campus more often.

A hair cut and lunch date at the-most-amazing-restaurant-in-my-world followed.

The end.

We are exhausted.

Our humble apologies for the lack of jazz hands pizazz in this here weekend-y update, but boy-oh-boy.

We are exhausted.

Wait, did I already say that?

How was your weekend friend?


Newlyweds on a Budget said...

I had a work trip to Sacramento but today has been one of those great lazy kinda days (the best kind)

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