Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Big One

You’ve likely noticed some mysteriousness on the part of hubband and myself here and here. Now, the time is right, and I’m excited to share this story with you people the world.

It is Saturday night and I’m sitting in bed, treating my psyche to the new Fun. (see? Good things can actually come out of Arizona) album. I’m staring at a blank word document, trying to muster up some clever phrases and wit to describe the whirlwind of chaos that has been the past few days weeks months, but the words don’t come. I rearrange the pillow, take a sip of water, but I can’t seem to figure out how to describe the events that have gotten us here.

How did we get here?

It started long ago, in a galaxy far, far away. Oh, wait. No, no. It was here, and really not that long ago. So, here goes.

Hubband loves his job. He loves where he works and believes in what they do in so many ways, but, somewhere, somehow, he realized it was time for a change. I could provide all of the logistical and practical reasons for the change, but, honestly, I won’t waste my breath—er, uhm, finger-muscle-strength, boring you; it was just time. Following prayer and a strong gut feeling, he started the treacherous job-hunt-battle. For months, months, he toiled over application after application, hearing absolutely nothing, but in prayer, we continued to ask for God’s will, above all else.  Hundreds of applications  got filled out, hundreds (with an s!), but still, we continued to hear the same sound: nothing.

Somewhere along the path, I picked up this book (isn't it incredible?), and, I started to pray. Every morning I prayed for my hubband, continuing to ask for direction, news, and guidance.

And, a few days after I started specifically and intentionally praying for my hubband, he got his first interview. To this day I’m sure he still has no idea of that significant timing. For months and months he had filled applications pouring his heart and soul into checkboxes, questions, and resume uploaders, only to be hit by a wall of silence. So, basically, this was huge.

Amidst this, I, nonchalantly, one afternoon, sent hubband a potential job I found while perusing our church’s website, which I never do. (Actually, I haven’t ever done that again either). The job was for this organization, which directly and incredibly lines exactly with our goals, missions, and passions about life; i.e. a dream job. Also, one that is seemingly impossible to “get into” so to speak. So he sent along the application, and we giggled, because surely, this could never happen.

Last Thursday afternoon, weeks after his wife sent the information along with a, “hey, here’s an opening, but there’s no way this could happen, they get tons of applicants" hubband got the call.

In two weeks, on his birthday, he starts as the Application and Support Specialist at Food for the Hungry. There were interviews (several), there was prayer, there was waiting (a lot, and in intervals), and God taught us genuinely awesome lessons in prayer, patience, and contentment. And now, looking at this on paper—err screen—it is surreal. None of this is our work, hubband’s nothing special, he’s young in his career and has lots to grow, but that just shows.

God moves. In huge ways.

Which is really the only way to explain how we got here.


Newlyweds on a Budget said...

I absolutely love this story!! God does work in absolutely incredible ways. I believe our marriage was an absolute product of God, and my latest job is also a work of God itself. I no longer question Him (well sometimes-it is SO hard to be patient at times!) but I know He is always on my side!

Lindsey said...

I love this, you guys are such an amazing couple!!!!! So excited for you as you venture on this new journey!

Carla said...

What an exciting new adventure - sounds like such a great opportunity!

Kelsi said...

Huge!! How very exciting! Congrats to you both!!! :D

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That's great!!!! Congrats to him and you!

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