Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Little Crazy with a Lotta Love

I work in an office where a certain level of fanciness is generally expected. I admire those whose outfits are coordinated, whose eyebrows are waxed in a timely manner, and whose sweaters do not have holes in them (note to self- learn to sew and schedule that waxing appointment)

I try to cook yummy and healthy (and different) meals for my little family. I admire anyone (truly anyone) who can do this without tears (because they weren’t paying attention and accidentally boiled and curdled the sauce- yuck) and a trip to taco bell.

I try to live healthily and work out and run. I admire (and I’m kind of in awe of) anyone who can wake up in the morning to work out/run when I just can’t get this sleepy bum out of bed. I’ll start again tomorrow.

When hubband fell in love, he fell in love with a mess.

I feel like I’m on some kind of crazy roller coaster ride that I don’t necessarily remember getting in line for, but at least my hair is clean (I think so at least). 

My life is a crazy mess. But, with that crazy mess comes a husband, a family, and close friends, who never have to question my love for them.

Because of that crazy mess, we’re blessed to be able to go to England/Germany for the summer, and hubband gets to see his dad, who he misses like crazy.

So ladies, let’s toast our plastic cups of wine (dishes tonight, I swear) to not having it all together [or any of it really]

But definitely, having it all.


Christina (fivewalkers) said...

I'm in! I definitely don't have it all together! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a is always fun to meet someone new.
I love how you end the post...noticing the difference between having it all together but having it all would probably lead to a great deal more contentment (I am speaking to myself here)!
P.S. I added the (fivewalkers) not to be obnoxious, but so you would know from whence I came. :)

Danavee said...

I love the openness of this entry! I loved how you worded the ending.

Also, thanks for stopping by my blog!

Lindsey said...

I love love love this post!! Especially the line "lift our plastic glasses of wine to not always having it all together...but having it all." Isn't that the truth!!

Katie said...

amen!! : ) thanks for your honesty - I think everyone is in the same boat!!

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