Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ten for Tuesday!

This is what we’re feeling/thinking/living this happy Tuesday:

One- First, let me say, Hubband’s birthday was magically fantastical. That man is spoiled blessed. I’ll elaborate later in life, but we had a fun day. And holy fatness batman! We ate. A lot.

Two- Do you ever have a hard time letting go of a relationship/friendship when you’re the only one pursuing it? My super sweet friend and I ended up talking about this occasional occurrence in our lives last Monday. It seems like we (as people) always seem to want what we can’t have, even when we have really fantastic [other] people in our lives who are making the effort. Hubband doesn’t have a hard time letting go of people/things/relationships, especially when he knows they’re not beneficial/healthy in his life (such as those kinds of relationships where only half of the party is making any effort). Anyone else notice this? I hope we’re not just a couple crazies ;)

Three- If I ever had to choose between fame and love (they don’t seem to mix well), I’d choose love.

Four-We’ve begun to discuss plans for our anniversary (early June). We simply cannot believe it’s just a few months away. Yikes galore! The time sure does fly.

Five- Hubband started the new job yesterday and he is loving it! Not to go cheeseballs on you, but we’re going to anyway. Yesterday felt like the first day of the rest of our lives, if you know what I mean. Okay, that’s it. See? That wasn’t so bad.

Six- After four cheat days of eating-everything-that-is-food I’m back on track-ing my calories, if you will.  

Seven-  I’m close to finishing The Power of a Praying Wife, and I’m thinking of reading So Long,Insecurity next. I’ve heard good things. Have you read it? Would you recommend it?

Eight- Have you noticed that we updated our About Us and Our Story sections? They were a bit too wordy for our tastes. I’m currently working on a “how he proposed” page and I’m really excited to get it up! I love sharing our story with the world!

Nine- Lately, we tell ourselves that we’re going to keep the weekend free[ish] to relax and refresh, but then we end up being super busy all weekend and feel more exhausted by the time the week comes around. We’re having a blast every weekend, but struggling with the balancing act—how much is too much? Does anyone else do this?

Ten- Today is definitely a Tired Tuesday. Pass the java please. Actually, can I just get a caffeine drip?


Courtney B said...

My husband has no problem letting go of someone/something that is not benefiting his life or making it better. I don't know how he does it... I guess women are wired to feel more emotion and sadness when we let go of someone/something we were attached to?
Yay, so happy your hubs loves his new job! That is so incredibly important for the both of you!

Newlyweds on a Budget said...

i hope everyone would choose love over fame. can't imagine a life without love.

Lindsey said...

I would choose love too!!

Carla said...

Yes, balancing busy weeks/weekends are hard. I struggle in that area. In my opinion it is good to have fun/be productive but not worth it when you feel so drained during the week. Not sure what to tell you....my philosophy is to go go to bed early - good luck!

Megan said...

I'm right there with you on the relationships thing. I feel that way with a few of my friendships right now... that I am constantly pursuing them and feel absolutely nothing in return... almost like they are avoiding me! It is so hurtful and yet I still continue to try... I can't quite find the balance between giving up and not smothering them to death, but something has to give.

So glad your husband loves his new job. Power of a praying wife is on my to-read list!

Brandy said...

Oh I feel like guys and girls approach relationships SO differently. I recently went through a time where one of my best girlfriends and I decided to go our different paths because we basically had different ideas on what it looks like to be a good friend to someone. I was heartbroken like you wouldn't believe! But I do think there comes a point where it needs to be give and take, push and pull, or one person starts to feel really neglected. Maybe that's a girl thing, I don't know. But I can't stay wholeheartedly in relationships like that. They just aren't healthy for me.

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