Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ten Things for Tuesday

1.   1. Did you catch our big news? If not, check it out, because it’s sort of a really hugely gigantic deal is all.

2.   2. You’ll have to forgive me for the erratic nature of this post, I’ve been stricken with a bad cold the plague, and my brain seems to have lost it’s ability to function as requested. Or at all. I did however invest in some Mucinex and Honey-Lemon Ricola, and my quality of life has since improved.

3.   3. Whilst exploring the internets today, my lovely friend and I happened upon some, shall we say, once in a lifetime deals. Example: pajama jeans anyone? Also, these scarves are so practical I can hardly stand it, and, finally, this underwater iphone case, so you can Instagram the ocean. 

4.   4. Hubband's dad recently moved to Germany. Long story short, it was a awesome, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and we've so excited for him! But, since he's moving his whole life and family, they have all sorts of things to give away. On Saturday, we went through the house with Hubband's wonderful step-mom and collected things for our future home- what a blessing! We're seriously in awe of their generosity, and they're excited that their stuff (including lots of awesome artwork done by Hubband's dad himself) will be well-loved. Now to work on that "future home" to put it in...

5.   5. Hubband and his boss listen to the Wicked soundtrack in their office almost every day. It's a great soundtrack, one of the best, but also, I think this is cute and funny. 

  6  6. I recently loaded some new Adele, Mumford and Sons, and Fun. to the ‘ole IPod. Can we say hooray for the I-have-new-music-in-my-ears happy?!

      7.  Is it Spring yet? I suppose I could Google this and know instantly, but it switches from warm to cold(ish, you know, for Arizona standards) pretty much over night here. Should I pull out the flip flops and tank tops or do my scarves and cardigans have more time with me? Le sigh. Weather. Pft.

      8. Someone called me Rudolph today, and it’s quite an accurate statement. I can’t help it! The tissues sandpaper we have at work is eating my nose up!

      9. I’m going to be married to a 26 year old in less than two weeks and I can’t believe it! I made reservations at his favorite restaurant for the two of us, we’re having dessert at Cheesecake factory for all the March birthdays in his family, and someone needs to finish putting together an invite for a birthday bash with our friends. He told me what he wants, but I keep forgetting; I need to do it soon! I want him to have a blast- birthdays are such a big deal to me, and they’re such a great occasion to get-together and celebrate with friends! 
      10. We have more fun news, but
A.     We don’t want to shock all of our readers (hi mom!) with all of these big goings-ons. Just taking care of your blood pressure, is all. You’re welcome.
B.     If I sneeze once more, my head will fall off. So, please excuse me while I slip into a mild coma.


Lindsey said...

I love the Wicked soundtrack!! Have you guys seen the show? It is incredible!

Carla said...

Good luck on the Birthday Bash. I love birthdays as well, and even threw myself my own 30th birthday party!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

I am cracking up at your fun finds! The pajama jeans totally intrigue me. :) Hope the sneezing stops soon!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Hope you're already feeling better!!! Ohhh, how i love Adele's music!

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