Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Autumn Film [And also, Sangria]

Monday night, the leaders of our [newly-married] small group held a little soirée (if you will) for family and friends, featuring The Autumn Film

By a series of unfortunate events- wait no that's not it- by circumstance (ahem divine intervention ahem),  our leaders had become friends/occasional house-hosts of the band a few years back, and The Autumn Film has since graciously offered their talents in a backyard show once a year (okay, well, this was only the second time).

They make beautiful music. And Terese makes beautiful sangria. 

A blessed evening. 

Follow them on twitter.  Like them on Facebook. Watch them on You Tube. And buy their album. You get it. 

But seriously, this, this is talent.

[For Your Information, The Autumn Film has absolutely no idea who I am, although I'm going to mention this post on Twitter and they're going to think I'm awesome, and we're going to become BFFEs and all that... But they didn't pay me or anything, I just really think they're awesome. Not that they would pay me, they're starving artists, and then there's the whole follower-count thing too... Hi mom!)


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