Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend (Now with Instagram!)

First of all, thanks for the love. Seriously people, you are so sweet. I'm feeling a lot better, so thank you for the kind words.

You know what helped? This. This helped.

(Psst, I have Instagram now. Score! Follow me @adriennethemrs)

(But mcseriously, welcome me to the 21st century, would-you-please?) 
This is us Friday at our staycation. 
Yep, you heard right, we had a staycation. 
Also, it's warm enough in Arizona to spend a day by the pool AND go swimming. So, there's that too.

Thursday night we jetted off to a resort in Scottsdale (lovingly referred to as Snottsdale by us desert-dwellers), Chipotle in tow, and hearts ready for some much-needed R-n-R, and lemme tell you, we got what we came for- shout of thanks to the lovely Scottsdale Plaza Resort

Friday, we did nothing. No, no, cancel that appointment you just made to have your eyes checked, you read that correctly. We did nothing. Can I just repeat the word for emphasis? Nothing. Okay, I'll stop now. 

Room service coffee + great book.

There's not a whole lot better. 

Guess who did not forget the sunscreen funscreen?! I'm getting so much better at this being-married-to-a-white-boy thing!

 All mine :)

We left tanned, rested, and without the blues. Staycations= good for the soul.

Saturday afternoon we celebrated my mom's birthday (it was the 27th, which also happens to be hubbands mom's birthday, weird eh?) with my family, and Saturday night we hung out with great friends. There was just too much fun for photos!

Easter Sunday began as all of our Sundays as-of-late have, joining in praise to our glorious God with a group of talented lovelies. Hubband was on guitar this Sunday, and I hopefully stayed in key while sharing the joy of our salvation, and what an amazing thing that is. 

He is risen.

 Easter Sunday afternoon brought us to a park with both of our families (we are blessed), which included happy conversation, quality time, oh, and deviled eggs, of which I consumed in copious amounts (is there any other way?) Yum.

We hope your weekend adventures were just as joyful (were they?)

And happy Easter friends. 


Amanda Pittman said...

This looks like a lovely weekend! Hubs and I need to start planning for our 10th anniversary soon, its in June.
And yes, that is the only way to consume deviled eggs (or doubled eggs, as my 6 year old says, b/c who says deviled on Easter?!).
How did you like Love and Respect?

Michelle (michabella) said...

Love & Respect is such a great book!!! <3

Megan said...

You are making me want another staycation!!

Sounds wonderful.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Staycations can be the best! Glad you had a great time! Following you on instagram (jmomiller)!

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