Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Letters

 Linking up again!

 Dear Friday, Wow really, you're here already? I mean, I'm so happy you are, but man this week just flew by!

 Dear Funk, SO glad you're gone. I was so over you. Hope you stay away, forever maybe?

 Dear Pat Tillman 5K, Guess who is not ready for you? Me. That's who. Well, I don't think Hubband is either, but, we'll see.

 Dear Weekend, Please go slowly. Please go slowly. Please go slowly. Please? No more blink-length weekends, mmkay?

 Dear Army Wives,  I'm obsessed with you, but I can't decide if our relationship is healthy. I mean, you're always pulling me through an emotional roller coaster. Am I alone in this?

 Dear Life, You rock, don't let us forget to enjoy every moment of you.


MzJessicaxo said...

Found you through the hop!
Very cute blog my dear!
Life does rock! Keep on rockin it!

Now following :)
xxx Jessica

Melissa said...

I've never seen Army Wives... I've gotten a little emotional just watching commercials for that show!

His Little Lady said...

these little letters are gorgeous!!
hoping the weekend goes slowly too!
xo TJ

tandemingtroll said...

I can't wait to say good-bye to Mr. Funk, too. Love your pictures!

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