Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's Raining Over Here

If you’ve been following for awhile (thanks! J ) you’ll know that we had belonged to a [rather large] small group at our church (maybe, I think I talked about it somewhere...)

If you’re a super-spy-guy (or a stalker) you know that we [subtly mentioned that we] moved somewhat recently (also, stalking is rude).

 If you've been following for a little bit (welcome!) you'll know that we recently started attending a different campus of our church. 

If you just started reading this, you're probably totally lost (also, welcome!)

Anyhoo, we decided it would be best for us as a couple to leave our small group to join a group specific for newlyweds. We were also moving pretty far away from our group, so it sorta-just-worked-out anyways, but we weren't able to find a group immediately. Read: we didn't try hard enough. 

So, for a little while we were homeless, transients, vagabonds, wandering the desert (haha- because we live in Arizona, get it?)

Okay, okay, I'll get on with it, because I know you're simply on the edge of your seat over this.

So after a couple months of being in transition failing, we were invited to join the newlywed small group held by a couple who also happen to be really close family friends of the hubband (and now by me too, because I am married to my husband). Also in this group are close friends of ours and some sort-of-related-by-marriage family members (we think they're awesome too). So we said yes-absolutely-where-can-we-sign-up?!

In that same week, one of the pastors of our new church campus asked us to join his small group, so we could connect with the church, serve, etc., eat their food,  and all that other good stuff. So we said yes-absolutely-where-can-we-sign-up?!

Pretty cool huh? In a single week we went from vagabondhood to connected and engaged, ya know, in the small group sense. We're psyched for this important aspect of our lives, especially at the stage of marriage we're in. Read: we need all the support we can get!

When it rains, it pours.

Do you have a strong support network? Where do you get it?


Megan said...

Oh yes... definitely in our small group as well!

In 2010, my husband got laid off from his job and I lost mine just a couple months later. Our small group & church actually paid our mortgage for a few months while we were in transition and while my hubby moved to Denver for work. They also took care of our house by mowing our lawn, etc, while I would go visit him for long periods.

Seriously, can't imagine life without them!

BlessedMama said...

What wait, you live in Arizona? Me too, Where at? :)

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