Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ouch! That's us Getting Bitten by the Crafting Bug!

This weekend, one of our very best friends is getting married! 

She's actually the wonderful friend who introduced Hubband and I!

We like to call each other personality twins, because we have verrrry similar life goals/personalities.

And we are SO excited for her and her fiancé Jon!

They're totally perfect for each other, kinda like the hubband and I!

[With all the girls!]

Her bridal shower was a few weeks ago, and we decided to make something personal for her and her future hubs to put in their very first place together! They're both moving from their parents' so they don't have a lot to put in it. Sooooo, we did something bold. Something daring. Something relatively new for us. 

We crafted.

But seriously, it was fun! 

We got the idea to dye mason jars here

caaaaa-uuuuuuttteeee ;)

 We used the idea here to make paper flowers from my old music sheets.

Attach to some twigs and add some string and voila!

We loved them! The dye ended up being a little lumpy, but it made a cool rustic look.

I can't say we're going to do it often, but hubband and I enjoyed a nice evening crafting!


The Lehmann's said...

Too cute! I love crafting and have actually dyed jars too (we did it for my daughter's 1st birthday!).

Adrienne said...

That's awesome! Thank you :)

Alli Green said...

Very nice :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Those turned out great!

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