Sunday, April 15, 2012

Our Weekend, Wait, Holy Cow it's Over?!

Why hello there friendsies! Why don't you come in, sit down, and have a glass of wine with us? Can you believe it's Sunday already?! Did anyone elses' weekends just fly by? Well, we can surely report that ours did! Well, let's just get to it then, this weekend's update (ow ow!)


The hubband and I yanked ourselves from our respective offices in an orderly fashion in order to make it to a super fantastic double date with hubband's sis and brother-in-the-law.We had Mexican food and frozen custard and even did some casual shopping at the local Target (if that doesn't scream, "we're old!", I'm really not sure what does). It was a wonderful time with wonderful people!


Saturday the hubband and I went our separate ways; I got a massage (ahhh) and he took care of some around-the-house type of things. That evening, I had a bachelorette party

[Lipshtick via Instagram]

The bachelorette par-tay was super fun! We took a... wait for it... pole dancing class! I know! But it was so fun! It was a cool night of girliness and celebration and jubilee! Whoot whoot!

It's [Sunday] now and we're relaxing with some boob tube while I type this (hooray!) and hubband works on some programming stuff-or-something-like-that.

There's also some popcorn.

And there might be a chocolate bunny casualty. Or two. Maybe.

How was your weekend friend?


Courtney B said...

Your weekend sounds amazing! And we seriously LOVE casual shopping at target :) ha ha!

Lindsey said...

TV watchin' and popcorn is the best!!!

Kelsi said...

Haha I <3 choco bunnies! casualty away :) Was the pole dancing bach party with Jess and her sisters? I was **this** close to going... couldn't confirm a sitter... and wish I had. I've always wanted to try that! How was it?

Shannon Marie said...

I had to write an article about a pole dancing class last year and the instructor made me try it! WAY harder than it looks! so fun! :) BTW- love that lip color! xo

Adrienne said...

Kelsi, it was actually for a completely different friend, ironic, I know.

Kelsi + Shannon, it was SO much fun, I was totally skeptical, but it was a blast :)

Megan said...

Target is one of my favorite places on earth, so I love that you went there. :)

Sounds like a fun weekend, but don't you hate it when they end!?

Add me on instagram so I can find you! I'm megkeith. :)

Elena said...

What an eventful weekend. Sounds like a fun bachelorette party! And I love Target!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I pole dancing class?! Ha! I bet that was a blast!

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