Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ten for Thursday, because Tuesday just did not work out and Thursday has a T…

…So that works right?

Holla! It’s time for a good ole’ brain dumpin’ sesh!

# 1  So, my best friend is a teacher at an esthetics school (BTW the first time I typed this, I totes spelled esthetics right, but school wrong, what???) which partnered with a massage school, so we, on occasion head to the massage side to get cheap massages! It is a school, so all of the students give their massages in a big room with curtains used for partitions. So, on Saturday, while getting my wonderful massage, I was able to hear one very loudly snoring man. Seriously, if we use the idiom, sawing logs, to describe snoring, this guy was operating a lumber mill. It was hilarious!

# 2  This baby has become a staple in my daily coffee obsession habit. So delish. 

# 3  I'm currently sporting a sexy rash on my arms and legs. That, combined with the sneezes, tells me one thing: Spring has most definitely sprung. Nightly benadryl for this girl, which also prompts this girl to make a heart for her love from said benadryl.

# 4  I had to take a picture of my ring[s] for insurance purposes, and it was so pretty, so DUH, I had to put it in Instagram! (@adriennethemrs)

# 5  My baby brother recently moved from a house with five people to a house he's sharing with just his best friend, and with this new house comes a whole lotta' empty. No food, no appliances, no dishes, and sparse furniture. Just two college boys and two sweet doggies. So, my mom and I took him to get some necessities. It was so fun! While at the grocery store, my mom and I rounded the aisle and found him standing like this. Man my baby brother is so freaking hilarious.

# 6  This is us the morning we saw the Hunger Games. That's all. 

(We thought it was really good, sans the shortness of it. It was too much to cover in one very loooooong movie. Also, do we really need a 30-minute pan of the game field? I'm pretty sure we got the picture in 5)

# 7  I know we're waaaaay late to the Nutella train, but uuuhhhhhmmm, it is a tasty train! Question friends, other than toast (I figured that one out from the container!) what is it good on?

# 8  At work I have a really awesome panoramic view of downtown Phoenix, but I never look at it. Kind of silly, isn’t it? I think the hardest things to notice are the ones right under our noses.

# 9  It’s Thursday, just a general FYI for those who didn’t know. But seriously, it’s Thursday? Really? This week is just flyyyyyying! Would you agree?

# 10  Blogger hasn’t been as criz-appy lately, so maybe we won’t break up, but probably we still will. We’re like a teenage romance, Blogger and I. I want to switch to Wordpress. Bad idea? I’ve just had so many issues con el blogger. And don’t worry, I wouldn’t do it myself. My super duper IT man would do it, you know, the one I married? OR, I would use these people, because Big Mama told me to, and I think that just means I have to, right? Le sigh, first world problems, I know.

P.S. Did you catch last night’s post about The Autumn Film? If not, you should, trust me, I know these things.

P.P.S. We linked up! Might as well make up for the accidental Thursday with some linky love!


The Bluths said...

you both are seriously way too cute!

Sar said...

Thanks for linking up!

I'm with your brother. Who doesn't need at least 4 bags of cookies in their house at all times?!

Your rings are gorgeous, by the way!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

lol at the neccessities your brother was picking up! im on the nutella train all the way!

Katie said...

Welcome to the Nutella TRAIN! Look up No-Bake Nutella Cheesecake. It's. Amazing! :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

LOVE your rings! I really liked the Hunger Games but I loved the book more!

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