Monday, May 14, 2012

Apartment Livin’ and Other Newlywed Bid-ness

While perusing my daily-reader-feed, thank-you-very-much-Google, I stumbled across a post from this lovely lady. And, lemme-tell-ya, I loved it SO much. And we could relate SO dang much.

So, of course, we have want to share our story too!

I don’t really know when the qualification time ends for newlywed-ness, but we’re going to probably say, three years or a baby (because from what we hear a baby changes the game completely).

We’ve been married for just twenty days shy of one year, and we have no baby, which definitely puts us in that newlywed qualification-bracket-thing-guy.

For most of these 11 months, we lived in a [teensy] tiny 730-square-foot apartment with 2 couches and a drum set, but it was within walking distance of Mill Avenue Tempe, a really awesome urban part of Arizona. We could hike, bar hop, check out a Farmer's market, and visit a gorgeous lake all within walking distance. It was incredible. We trained for our half-marathon every night in a wonderful area that we loved. Not to mention the food. MMM. But yes, there were absolutely times we wanted to punch each other- juuuust a little.

Cooking dinner in a kitchen the size of most bathrooms? Just a little challenging. 

One small bathroom, with no counter space, and a toilet that said “CLUNK” and slammed into the ground every time you sat on it? Sort of a pain.

A shower that would periodically cease producing water? A tad inconvenient.

Having to disassemble the table to put up our Christmas tree? A small challenge.

The toilet that didn’t flush for two weeks (Hello? Maintenance? Hello?) Quite the pain.

But when mushrooms started growing out of the wall? I think we’d had enough.

I’m not sure how powerful your perception is, humble reader, but if it’s super-powerful, you might have noticed that we live with my parents currently.


Because eventually we got tired of bumping elbows for the daily meal. We started to long for a place to put our deodorant and showers with no fear of mid-rinse-water-loss. I got pretty sick of that toilet calling me fat, and starting dreaming of one that flushes all the time.  And sheesh, I just want somewhere to put my dang Christmas tree, okay?

Plus, there were the mushrooms…

So, when they evacuated us for the mold growth, we asked to be let out of our lease (they politely obliged). We didn’t quite have the money for a down payment/escrow quite yet, so we moved in with my parents. (Take a deep breath, it’s actually going well).

We just started the official home buying process this week, and while we won’t exactly be purchasing our dream home just yet (our price range is looking a little more… townhome-y), we’re looking forward to the adventures we’ll have in this “starter home” phase-of-life, God willing. But seriously please pray for our experience if you do/can/will- the market is competitive right now in AZ. We’re going to need lots of /good thoughts/ a freaking miracle, by the looks of it.

But sometimes… Just every now and again, we kind of envy those 730-square-foot apartment days, because that tiny two-bedroom-one-bath-hunk-of-junk will always be [even just a little] special to us.

It’s where we held our engagement party (even if I was living there alone at the time, it was still ours)

It was our first home together.

It’s where we opened our wedding presents and it’s what we came home to after our honeymoon.

[After opening our first wedding present!]

It’s where we [kinda] fell [a little bit] apart, and where God brought us back together, better than ever. Re: Marriage is hard, right? * Collectively, all the married folks laugh and nod their heads *

It’s where we shared our first Christmas as a family.

It’s where we laughed, we cried, and we grew as a unit during our very first year.

And we know we have so many memories together ahead on the road (and an awesome blog to share them)


Sometimes we miss it, toilet and all.

[Just a little].


The Pink Growl said...

aww cute pics!

Newlyweds on a Budget said...

That's how newlywed days should be! It's so annoying when couples just have it all together right from the start. It's a lot better to look back 50 years down the road and see how far you've come! We're still renting, but we feel a million times better now than when we were living in our love shack.

The Students Wife said...

Im glad you found my blog! I love having other blogs to read and people that I can relate to..
I added myself on as a follower so we can stay connected :)


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I think that's so great and a smart decision that you made! Good luck on the home buying!!

Kiara Buechler said...

Such a cute post! You make that tiny apartment seem sorta romantic. Good luck on the home buying!

BronsonBloopers said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! You too are so cute together! I know how it is living with family, I am in the same temporary position myself and sometimes it is hard. I just started following you, hope you follow back :)

Andrea D said...

Mushrooms?! Growing from the WALLS?! Gah. We've been apartment dwellers for the whole of our almost-two-years-so-far marriage and it is frustrating at times, but as we'll likely be in an apartment for quite awhile (California homes just don't come cheap!) I'm trying to accept that it's the people (and cute pets) that make "home" home.
But man, you're lucky you have room for the Christmas tree now!

Anne said...

this post made me happy, I'm glad you guys grew together!! and congrats on almost 1 year!

Melissa said...

Haha. I just saw this! So funny about the mushrooms. AND our toilet broke once and Tim had to fix it. It was a mess. Thanks for linking back to me. I nominated you for an award on my blog!

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