Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dear Weekend,

Are you really over? Can we just stop time people because these few days have flown-- and yet they've seemed like forever. Boy oh boy did we fit some adventure into the previous 48-or-so hours.

Friday, we left work and went straight to Bryce and Miranda's house for dinner and joy. Both were free.

Our super awesome friend Corey just returned from Oregon- FOR GOOD- he just graduated (go ducks!). Also Katie and Jon, those troopers, even joined us, despite having been married less than a week. Also present, the ever beautiful Kristen. Not that you people truly care, but hey, I'm sure in twenty years we'll really want to know what we did and with who on the night of Friday, May 4th. Totally.

Saturday morning, we got the rare, wonderful, beautiful, golden opportunity to sleep in. And we did. Until 11. It was joyous, I'm pretty sure angels sang to us when we opened our eyes. I met my awesome friend Kaleea for coffee at 1 (really, I know you're dying to hear this) and we had a complete and total explosion of girl-conversation. You know [ladies] when you haven't really sat down with another lady for a long time too long and hours later you find yourself tracing back time, Quintin Terantino style, to figure out how on earth you just spent the past two four sixteen hours at Starbucks talking about your feelings? Well, that happened on Saturday. And it was beautiful. Moving on.

Saturday afternoon we enjoyed a picnic with our new church-campus group. It was so fun, and, OH the authentic Mexican food. Love. I even practiced my Spanish a little bit. A little bit.

Saturday evening, being the old farts we are, we stayed home. But alas, not without adventure. Because Saturday evening, hubband gave me a tiny drum lesson (he says I'm a natural, but he is a little biased) and we actually practiced several songs! They're not exactly public-ready, but it was a blast nonetheless!

After that fun, we did something people don't typically do at 10:00 PM on a Saturday night. We cooked! I knew I wouldn't have a lot of time tonight, so I cooked a modified (I.E. healthier) (I.E. less butter) version of Pioneer Woman's Creamy Tomato Recipe. OH and I added chicken. Because chicken is good. It came out to about 300-or-so cals per cup and still tasted absolutely amazing.

This morning was church; I sang and Hubband filmed a very special Sunday. We had baptisms and baby dedications today and my ovaries screamed and I might have cried (a little). Especially, when the childrenish (ish because they're old enough to understand what baptism signifies but young enough to still technically be kiddos) were baptized by their dads. So. Freaking. Sweet. God is good people.

Following, we had lunch with Hubband's mom/stepdad and that essentially concluded yet another epic weekend. Hooray!

Now, tell me, how was yours?


Megan said...

Mine was great, but I am *exhausted* today... seriously why are Monday's SO rough?!

Probably because I have a hard time putting myself to sleep at night. I love to relish in the quiet moments with no kids (when they're sleeping) and love it so much that I stay up way too late. :)

I am so glad you had a fun weekend!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It sounds like you had a busy weekend but good!

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