Wednesday, June 20, 2012

An Update of Sorts

Okay, we've been absent. Way absent. Whoops! Well, it happens, as you and I know.

I've had a collection of words floating in my head, waiting to be written; so much so that my eyes are basically brimming over with prose and witty nonsense. But we've just been so dang busy, I know, I know, we're all so dang busy.

It's the house (holy paperwork batman!) and work and church and all the other stuff that gets in the way and we're coming home every night at eight or nine with barely the energy to hold our sleepy black and blue lids long enough for a rerun of "Reno 911" and a snuggle. C'est la vie, non?

But amidst all of this, we are just so dang, freaking grateful. Cheesy and cliché as it is, we are feeling grace and blessing deep in our lives.

That house that we never-really-were-quite-sure would happen, is totally happening. We move in on my birthday in a little over a week. And for personal reasons, we can't quite disclose specifics, but we can say that in the final stages of the purchase/journey/remarkable-story-of-God, something incredible happened. The house- our house- nearly didn't happen. We I cried and we gave it up. We surrendered it completely to God and began to come to terms with the loss, and then, right as we began the whole legal-give-up-process-thing-y, God provided. Suddenly, exactly what we needed was right in front of our gaping mouths, and we got it together, just in time to pick our jaws up off the floor. It was nothing short of a miracle, and we know it was God, moving and providing as He always does. (That's not to say a 'no' is God not providing, of course that has a purpose in life too).

That church that God sort of just threw us into? Well, He's doing huge things there, and we're learning and growing alongside some truly inspirational people. I don't know that the two of us have ever felt more at home.

In the middle of it all, we just hope and pray that we don't take this moment for granted. These are the blessings we remember, the lessons we grow from, and the things we hold onto when we're lost and wandering. Our prayer is that complacency is so far away that we can't even recall the definition; that this joy fuels a fire that never, ever grows dim (because we know it will never go out) and that we carry this joy through all the trials that will eventually come.

So, this isn't our anniversary trip. I guess that would have been a much simpler post to put together after another busy day, but hey, I had to let those words find their way out.

    I will never forget your precepts,
        for by them you have given me life.
    I am yours; save me,
        for I have sought your precepts.
(Psalm 119:93-94 ESV)


Melissa said...

I am so glad that everything worked out! I want to see house pictures!

BlessedMama said...

Yay! So glad everything came together. God is GREAT! :)

his little lady said...

so happy to hear that everything came together, girl! all of these pictures are way too precious ;)
xo TJ

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

this is awesome! congrats on the house ... and everything else. yay for being blessed! YES!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

You seem like you have a great hold on everything. So wonderful to be able to accept life's blessings!

Lindsey said...

So glad the house has worked out, God is good!!!

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