Friday, July 6, 2012

Dear World


We're feeling these Friday letters with Ashley today !

{From yours truly}

Dear Walter (Our new house), we are so head-over-heels in love with you. Is that healthy? To be in love with a house? Well. Call us unhealthy then. But-really Walter is looking HOT!

Dear Marriage, You are messy, complicated, and downright difficult at times, but so totally worth all of it. We couldn’t imagine life any differently.

Dear Monies, We don’t have much of you anymore. Dudes. Moving is expensive, can-I-get-an-amen?!

Dear ALL OF MY WHOLE BODY, wow. Who knew working on our new house could cause so much pain? I’m tired down to the bone people. So. Totally. Worth It.

Dear Afternoon Coffee Habit, You should probably just go.

Dear Hubband, of whom I am so freaking proud. I love you. So much. ‘nuff said

{And letters from that guy himself}

Dear world, There is something about owning a house that changes a man. There is a new sense of manliness and awesome that eminates about you. Other home owning men notice it, and acknowledge it with a look of approval and a nod. Time for the men to come over and grab a beer, because I'm grilling steaks at MY house. There is a passion that appears, for things you thought you could ever care less about. That hole in the wall? Oh yeah, I can fix that. Bring it on.

Dear Wife, I love you Adrienne, more than you know, more than I show, more than I remember to tell you.

Dear Computer, Why does communicating with people seem so hard when done through you? Don't get me wrong, I love the convenience, but sometimes I miss the face to face encounters that we seem to have forgotten


The Couple who nest together, are best together.


Pamela said...

Aww LOVE that you both wrote letters!! Marriage def isn't always easy, ahh! but SO worth it!!

Katie said...

I love that both of you wrote! And SERIOUSLY on the moving. There are so many small expenses that I never even thought of, until I'm having to pay them of course haha

Melissa said...

Cutest letters ever, Adrienne! I love that he wrote letters too. Have a great weekend and get some rest if you can!

Stacy said...

I hope I get the unhealthy love for my own "Walter" soon. I love all the letter you guys wrote- they are very cute & sweet.

Robyn said...

sweet-and with you on the money one!I'mmoving next week-and broke before I start...

Jamie said...

Getting a new house is the best. We bought our first one in January. It is such a lot of work though. New follower.

tandemingtroll said...

It is amazing how effortlessly a house separates you from your money. Kids have that gift, too, not that I am making any statements in the pro or con side. I am so glad you are enjoying your house.

Anne said...

so sweet!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Amen on the spending money to move! It aint cheap!!!

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