Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bon Voyage!

Tonight, we’re going on a date. You know how we feel about having regular, intentional dates, but we’ve been failing at that a bit lately. Sort of like blogging? Doh!

But this date is pretty important. Let me tell you a story:

Once upon a time, my mom wanted to plan a big family vacation with my brother, sister, I, and our families (sans baby brother, because we are still his only family. Except he also has a son Husky named Balto. And a roommate who looks like he’s related to our family- so there’s that too. I digress) (run on sentences) (end parentheses). Anyways, my darling mother picked a date that worked with everyone and the planning began!

And then my sister and her hubby—Chandrea if-you-will— bought a house.

And then my baby brother got a new, exciting, “real-life”, kind-a job. Picture him in a suit. Wait. You probably don’t know what he looks like. Picture me, but a handsome guy. In a suit.

I further digress.

Sooo theeeeeeeeeeeen, hubband’s work launched a huge project that we was an essential part of.

And, in short, the family vacation list was down to me and my parents.

So, my lovely mama said to me, “well, if you still want to go, we could do something fun!” Uhm, yeah!

Come Saturday morning this lady-blogger will be headed out to San Francisco, Yosemite, and San Luis Obispo with mom and pops! It’s going to be crazy trip, packed full of activities already, and it’s going to be a little strange. I’ve never been on a whole vacation, with just my parents! Good thing they love me. ;)

BUT, this means I’m leaving the hubband for a vacation while he stays at home and works. Boo. (although, I should note that he still LOVES his job, so that really only counts as 25% work- I’d say). Cue the date! Just a bit of together before a bit of apart-ness. Because this will be the first time—as married kids, since we dated actually—that one of us takes a vacation without the other.

Crazy right?

Have you travelled lately at all without your spouse/significant other/ labradoodle? Or are we silly in thinking this is kind-aaa a big deal?

Any of those ,”omygoshyouhavetogohere” suggestions for San Francisco/ San Luis Obispo? I’ve been to San Luis before, but this will be my first San Fran trip!


Megan said...

Never been, but it's on my bucket list! Have fun!

Rachel said...

As you already know...I just did this! And I'm not a fan of separate vacations. If you're in a place you love with people you love it's still fun, though. And since your hubby loves his job that definitely makes things better. But I don't think separate vacations are my favorite thing and Angel says he doesn't think he'd want to go away without me either!

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