Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dear Husband,

Afternoon friends, hope it’s a lovely one for you. Just 50% of LLF for you here today, who else but me, the perpetual scribe wifey? Hubband’s feeling kind of boo lately, so I thought I’d cheer him up with some not-so-serious-but-also-actually-real-promises on the blog! It’s a surprise!

Because surprises are the stuff that dreams are made of. Well those and coffee. And wine. And ooh! Chocolate!

I digress.. 

Dear Husband, tonight I promise
to try not to linger, stare off into space, or day dream while we’re grocery shopping tonight. I promise to try and keep it under 3 hours. I understand that while I love grocery shopping with my whole heart, it’s not exactly your happy place after an hour or two of it.
Dear Husband, tonight I promise
To hand out a plentiful amount of smooches, snuggles, cuddles and squeezes.

Dear Husband, tonight I promise
To only make you listen to the song stuck in my head once twice, okay, no more than three times.

Dear Husband, tonight I promise
To hold your hand and pretend like I don’t totally abhor holding hands with every fiber of my being. Ya know, because you like it :)

Dear Husband, tonight I promise
To listen to everything you have to say about the complicated nuances of your technological day/job while nodding my head and smiling a lot. 

Dear Husband, tonight I promise
To pretend like I’m an even-slightly-patient person, not that unbelievably impatient child woman you typically find yourself with.

Dear Husband, tonight I promise
To dedicate an entire blog post to making you smile laugh out loud until you fall out of your chair [ideally].

Dear Husband, tonight I promise
To love you as I always do, and always will.


Katie said...

Love it! I should probably make some similar promises!

Sarah Frills4Thrills said...

Aww! This is seriously so sweet : ) Hopefully this brightens his day!

Tamara said...

You guys are adorable.

I can't bring the husband with me on grocery trips - he sneaks all sorts of weird stuff that we will never eat in the basket. I cut him off years ago. Haha.

A. Faith Golden said...

Too cute!!! Love this idea! :)

The Cavallaro's said...

Just stumbled across your blog and I looove this post! I really need to do this! And can you please come to my house & go grocery shopping for me? Because I seriously loathe it! And you are definitely not the only impatient wife..... Haha

Mrs. Pancakes said...

I'm sure you made his day!!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

This is so sweet~!

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