Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday! It's Friday!

Linking it up! With Ashley!


Exclamation points!!!!!

Hey! I’m back! Just now! And I’m already posting! Well, okay, I got in at 9PM on Wednesday, which is basically Thursday. And everyone knows you need a day.

Dear Vacation, We had a good run, one of the best times in my short life, but I’m sort of glad you’re over. This girl loves a little routine in her life.

Dear San Francisco, You are a happy, wonderful place with splendid things like Chinatown, but you’re cold. Who knew?

Dear Hubband¸ You sure do give a girl something awesome to come home to.

Dear You Tube, Stop stealing my life away. So rude.

Dear Everyoneinthewholewideworld, I’m hearing about Christmas a lot [everywhere] which is awesome but hey it’s still triple digits here, so, yeah…  But really… it's not far off. Yikes! Anyone know where 2012 went?

Dear Arizona Monsoon Season, Oh, there you are.


Just the wife this time.

P.S. Everyone. Coming home from a vacation on a Wednesday (which is really basically Thursday) and therefore only having 2 days of work = the best thing ever. It’s already Friday!


Melissa said...


Ok, not really. But it's so hot that I am ready for fall. I am a Christmas whore. Seriously, I drive people crazy with my love for the holidays.

I'll try to tone it down for you. :]

Emily said...

Thanks for stopping by earlier! I love your letters. I'm jealous you've were in SanFran...I've always wanted to go! And, I totally agree about Christmas...I love it, but, we have to get past Halloween and Thanksgiving first!

Sarah said...

Cute letters! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)


BronsonBloopers said...

haha yes youtube! I used to watch music videos a bunch until my husband set me up for Pandora finally. Now I can listen while I blog, but now everyone has vlogs! haha Cute post you got here :)

Katie said...

I feel the SAME WAY about youtube lately. I watch one thing and oh where did those three hours go?! ;)

Glad you had a good vacation! Do we get to see pictures??

Allison said...

I always love getting home after vacation...I'm totally a routine girl too. Your blog is adorable. My husband and I have those same Mr. and Mrs. mugs you have!

Lindsey said...

Jealous of a 2 day work week! :)

A. Faith Golden said...

YAY! So glad you're back!! Hope you had a great time! :) I will try and tone down my christmas talk....geez! LOLOLOL! I'm so ready for fall too!! Yes, I know..I use WAY to many exclamation points....but it's ok...right?? :)

Ps..thanks for doing my marriage segment! Can't wait to post yours! :)

Meg {henninglove} said...

i always look forward to vacation and then while in the midst of vacation i look forward to returning a routine it is a nasty cycle

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