Friday, August 31, 2012

From the Pen of Mr. and Mrs. Bennett

From the Mrs:

Dear Star Trek, whew, okay, I’m ready. For night two. Of you. Can we say wife points anyone? Jeff would be so pleased…

Dear Pony Tails, you make my head ache. Every day. Does this happen to anyone else? Any solutions other than shaving my entire head?

Dear Readers, we have something fun and different for you tomorrow! Yipee! Just-you-wait…

Dear Fitness-y-minded Friendsies, I’ve cut my coffee creams down from six (individual tubs) to… drum rolls… one! That’s a lot! I know this isn’t for everyone, but for me it’s been an easy way to trim back some calories. J It’s been a long road, but we’ve made it people.
 Dear Ladies and/or Men Who Wax Their Eyebrows, My best friend/the best esthetician in the world moved away, and this ladies half-Mexi-eyebrows have gradually grown shamefully bush-esque. But I don’t really trust anyone else with them since I had that one bad experience at the nail salon… I’m scared! Any fellow Arizona-ians know a good eyebrow person?  

Dear Hubband, You bought me flowers this morning, took me out for lunch [which was still awesome- despite our little tif’ ;) ] and you’ve been so splendid today. Can I just say, I’m so glad I married you?

From the Mr:

Dear Date Night,
You allow me to have some much needed fun and alone time with the most beautiful woman in the world! You give us popcorn, and movies, comfy couches, and wine!

Dear Summer,
Although I have enjoyed your stay here, it is time for you to go.  You will not be missed as I know you will return in a short few months


The two who “Trek it”, surely won’t wreck it.

(Sorry, that’s all I’ve got. I tried. I did!)

(P.S. There's no link up, but we still enjoy writing them!)


Melissa said...

Pulling my hair back like that gives me a headache too! So do headbands. I just don't put it up much anymore.

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Newest follower! Glad to find a fellow AZ blogger! :-)

Tamara said...

Ugh, ponytail headaches are the worst! I've not really found a solution other than sometimes I'll wear a 'loose' ponytail that will give me a little relief.

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