Monday, October 29, 2012

A Lady in San Francisco, [Part One]

Once Upon a Time, Waaaaaaaaaay back in August, I went on a trip with mis padres.

We left on a Saturday morning, hopped onto a jet plane, and headed off to San Jose. After a short flight, we rented a car, and we were off to San Francisco!


Not before stopping in Redwood City, a town where my dad used to live.

A Cool Sign I Found There

In Redwood, we walked around, and my dad attempted to describe what the town was like 30-plus years ago, when he called it home before we hopped back into our rent-ed-mobile (similar to the bat mobile, only with no gadgets. And it was rented. And not black. And not all that powerful).

Our First Sights! Our First Hill! Our First Breath of Very Polluted Air!

 Of course, not wanting to waste any time, we drove straight to the Golden Gate Bridge.

At First Glimpse

The Golden Gate Bridge Park

After a short walk, we finally we caught sight of these beauties! 
It's like seeing an old, familiar friend.

A foggy, old, familiar friend

Views from the top

 After enjoying the lovely bridges, we drove to the adorable Pier 39, for dinner and some nice walking-about.

Saw this on the way, I was all like, whaa?

We had dinner at Swiss Louis, it was perfect!

I was assured this was local[ish] ;)

MMMM. Chow-da and Fish N Chips!


Afterwards,  we had that [previously-mentioned] walk-about and toured some of the shops.

My personal fave was one that featured movie posters with famous signatures.

Par Example:

 After, we drove our temporary-home-away-from-casa, ending our lovely day, and also, this post.

Stay tuned for the next episode folks!


Laura Darling said...

So cool! Sounds like a great trip! I love the pictures of the Golden Gate bridge - I'd love to see that someday!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

What a fun trip! We are actually headed up there this weekend!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

gorgeous pictures...and the food...yummy!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love SF!! You were only two hours from me! The golden gate is always so pretty!

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