Sunday, October 28, 2012

We're Baaaaaaaaaaack!!!!

I am an earth-loving, plastic water bottle loathing environmentalist until it comes to my plastic stir sticks for my morning coffee.

I'm all about running, but I will never (yes Hubband, you can quote me on this one) run a full marathon.

I love my church, I love my church activities, but when I'm pouring out more than I have time to let God pour in, I have to say no.

I think we're lying to ourselves if we're don't think the things we watch, read, and listen to affect us, but I also believe that while you can do your best to avoid temptation, you can't live in a bubble.

We all have limits. Albeit, my aforementioned limits are not so "serious" or-shall-we-say, but it's the truth. We have personal limits, we have family limits, we have boundaries.

So, when our lives are a crazy tornado storm of work, family, friends, and a few vacations, blogging kind of gets thrown out the window. I love to write like I love to breathe, and I love that I'm documenting our first years and adventures as married folks, but I also need time to be a human; to work, to play, to socialize, and to rest. Oh, and to be married. That requires time too, can-I-get-a-amen?

But this Friday morning, after a week of working my shoulders out really hard, I cracked my neck and felt a lovely *rip* go down my muscle. So, today is day 3 that I'm couch-bound and finding myself with some free time and mental space to do something that I love! Glass half full, right?

Who knows? Maybe it's the muscle relaxers speaking, but I believe sometimes our bodies sometimes break even just a teensy bit as a warning to slow down.

So this is me, slowing down with a cup-a-joe in stow, "Parenthood" resonating mildly in the background, and creativity once again falling out of these half-chipped-blue-nail-polish-laden fingers.

Moving forward, we're super way excited to announce several new changes in our little world that have occurred while we've been MIA, none of which involving bringing another life into it (to clear that up).

First, I got a new job! Which isn't so much as a brand, shiny, new job, but rather, a promotion! Without giving away too much, the hours are better, the pay is better, and best of all- I LOVE the work! With rainbows and sparkly hearts and JOY. And did I mention the hours are better? OH also, the hours are better! Not to complain, but my previous hours weren't a great fit into our lives (one of the various attributes to not be a super-blogger-gal), and so the change is welcomed. Even if it means I now wake up at same time normal people do earlier than the birds. Well, okay, 6:00 AM.

Second, pictures will be going up this very week [exclamation point!] of my trip to SLO/San Fran. Can-I-get-uh-whoop-whoop?!

Thirdly, I am excited to announce a new project! It's called the Unwife, and well, pardon the dust and all-that, it's one of those work in progress kind of deals.

Kind of like my life.

The deal is (because there's always a deal), Hubband and I started this little corner of the world wide webz to share our adventures with family and friends, so Laughing, Living, Forgiving isn't going anywhere. It's still going to serve it's originally intended purpose. 

The Unwife is more like mine (but not like a grubby-handed-grabbing toddler "mine!" kind of my, more like a hey, I'm an independent, intelligent woman kind of "mine"). It's a place where I can share my thoughts, feelings, ideas, pictures, recipes, and hey, probably some rants too, without dominating something that was intended to be two-sided. So, I hope you check it out [please?] I really hope you follow along, and I really, really hope we can have some literary-fun together. Not to be confused with literally-fun, which just sounds very serious. And not fun. 

Now please excuse while I attempt to make a graceful re-entrance into blogging, thereby avoiding my typical fall-down-the-stairs-at-full-speed kind of method. 

No promises though. ;)


Miss Angie said...

Congrats on the new job! Your blog is so cute! I'm following along now!

Ashley said...

Congrats on getting promoted! Better hours are always a nice perk... it's hard blogging regularly with weird hours. It's also always good to slow down and take a break sometimes. Hope you feel better soon!

Rachel said...

I've currently been feeling the: body is breaking down in rebellion at being having to run at full speed too hard and too long. Oh well. I did take a nap with Angel today, and it was heavenly! It really can be hard to figure out what to cut down on in your life when it gets too busy. Hope you feel better soon!

Meg {henninglove} said...

congrats on the new job! that is exciting.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Congrats on the job!!!!

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