Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Slightly Wordless Wednesday

We forgot to mention last week (probably due to that over-relaxation), my work [every year] has a pumpkin decorating contest, which we, of course, partake in!

[We won]

[Also, no, we're not going to talk about the election here. Probably because I already did on The Unwife]

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween, 2012

Dear Us,

In 14 years, when you look back on this blog, chuckling at your innocence, the mistakes you made, and that certain naivety found only in those first few years of marriage, we want you to remember this.

On October 31st of 2012 on Halloween Night, you snuggled on the tan couch, with matching blanket, warm and linked in each others arms. "Dr. Who" was on the television screen, and you spent the whole evening in a marathon of Tardis adventures with the lights off to warn away any trick-or-treaters while secretly munching on Halloween-themed mini candies. You split leftover pizza and wings and went to bed around nine, with the dishes done, and the house in order. And it was amazing.

We'll remember what a wonderful Halloween that was, staying in snuggled up.

We'll remember it was wonderful because we didn't care about what we did that night, as long as we did it together.

We'll remember it was wonderful, because it didn't matter if we went out or stayed in, because we weren't worried about pleasing or impressing others.

We'll remember that I had a neck sprain, and you had clocked 6 hours of overtime by that Wednesday Halloween evening, and we were beat.

We won't remember costumes, or a festival or party, or chaos. We'll remember one calm night, on that tan couch, laying side by side, pizza and wings, and we'll remember joy in the simplest things.

Hope you had a safe, wonderful, and joyful Halloween friends!
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