Monday, December 31, 2012

In 2012...

What an exciting year we had in 2012, so many great events!

January began the year, with us moving out of out of our apartment and into my parent's home in order to save to buy a home. Our lives took on a crazy level of busyness, we documented some of that crazy, and took no pictures! Not even one!

In February, we ran a half marathon together!


March was  a big month.

 We celebrated St. Patrick's Day with great friends.


Also celebrated, a birthday. 

All preceded with a major announcement/life change as Hubband got his dream job.

April brought us an awesome concert, some spectacular dates, and a weekend to ourselves with a staycation.


In May, we partook in adventures of all sizes and variations, enjoying a mighty busy but mighty splendid month.


June was big. We celebrated our first anniversary (parts two and three), bought a house, and I turned 23 on the day we moved into our very first home. 

In July, we divulged in several random blurbs while living in a world of boxes, hammers, and home decor as we gradually turned our brand-new[ish] house into a home.

In August, we more yet exposed our ultra-super-cheesy-ness to the world, waded through a seemingly never-ended faction of boxes, and I went to San Francisco with my parents.

 September arrived with [yet] more home projects, [still more] decorating, and finding joy in the every day. There were some boxes too. Anyone recognizing a theme?

October came and went in a flash, framed in our minds by one pumpkin and one very relaxing Halloween night spent in. 

November was chocked full as we finished [more yet] home projects and hosted Thanksgiving in our home, for the very first time- a huge success!

December has brought us a beautiful [white] Christmas at Hubband's family cabin with just the two of us, and a new addition to our family.

And now as we head out [to be safe] with a group of awesome friends, we can leave with a smile on our face. 2012 was a whopper, it's going to be hard to beat. 

Won't stop us from trying, though.


Andrea said...

Great post, love it! <3

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

What an amazing year you had!!

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