Monday, January 30, 2012

A Night in the Life of...

It's 5:56 PM and I'm sitting in the back seat of my car pool, eating candy. It's Monday and I'm stressed and besides, it's race week and I'm carb-loading and candy has carbs, right?

It's 6:07 PM and I'm giggling and chatting with my car pool-mates, who also happen to be my mom and sister, enjoying a steady ride through evening traffic mixed with the joyful banter of three very related women.

It's 7:15 and I'm walking through the door, laying down my heavy tote and large purse, proof of my girl-scout-like-desire to "always be prepared", even though I never was a girl scout.

It's 7:16 and I'm teasing hubband. I laugh loudly as he swoops in for a kiss and I dodge him. Ever a child, I poke his ribs and he wraps his arms around me and squeezes me. Our typical end-of-the-day-after-work hello.

It's 7:30 now and I'm tightening the laces on my running shoes. I give my ponytail and final pull and we head out. A nice, easy 5 mile run. I smile, enjoying the fact that 5 miles, is now more than bearable, it's nice and easy. We've worked hard to come this far.

It's 9:00 and we're heating up dinner. We've just recently made it in the door and we're famished. We enjoy our carbs with a touch of witty banter and sarcasm, as we discuss the major events of the day.

It's 9:45 and we're cleaned up, in bed, enjoying our nightly staple and a cuddle. I grab a break from the routine and set my fingers to typing. And, with a yawn, I wind it down, enjoying an accomplished feeling mixed with the release writing provides.

At 10:57, the lights will be off, and amidst the loud breathing of the man beside me, those heavy philosophical thoughts will float through the airspace, their typical nighttime routine. I will thank God. For my hubband. For our bed and our life. For salvation. Gradually, my mind will give way to sleep, and our bodies and minds will subconsciously prepare to wake up to jobs we don't deserve, lives we're blessed to live, and opportunities we didn't ask for. And we will have joy.

Joy for every little minute of the day.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Flubday

Well, happy Fitness Friday folks. Unfortunately, I don't have the time energy klout pictures for the post on me currently, so I'm choosing instead to amuse you with witty prose. My apologies for the severe lack of postage as of late, but I assure, we'll still here, having adventures, wreaking general havoc, and  having a blast in life. Ya know, the usual. And we can't wait to tell you all about it.

This week was a short one for the hubband and I. We opted to take Monday off for the great MLK (an option at both of our jobs) and we spent time with family and purchased some brand spankin' new running shoes for hubband. We're just a few weeks away from the half marathon and we're stocking up and getting ready for the big race!

(sorry, I already think this boring)

Our days as of late, kind of go like this. Wake up, eat breakfast, head to the job-thing, come home, run, sleep, and repeat. Obviously there are rest days in between the running, but then we're just so spent from the craziness of our lives, the most we can do is hop in bed and chill out with the boob tube.

(really, I apologize, I'm trying here. How could I make this more interesting? An explosion? A murder mystery? I know! Movies! Everyone likes movies!)

We recently saw, "We Bought a Zoo", and uhm, consider this girl's life changed. Really. That movie is the reason I still go to movies. There is hope for cinematic adventure after all! Tonight, we've got a double date with my best friend and her husband to see either "The Descendents" or "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". (O, the adventures we have!) Has anyone seen either? Any thoughts? Preferences? General opinions about movies or the constitution or civil rights? Okay, okay, moving on.

Also on the agenda this weekend is a Zumba class with my lovely sister and we're volunteering with my parents at  a local homeless shelter. Also, there will likely be more boob tubeage mingled in with all that fun. And probably some Super Mario Brothers, because we are, in fact, twelve.

Alright, I'd better stop before I start talking about cats. Which I'm allergic to. Oh crap, I just talked about cats.

Okay, really, how about you, world? Are your weekend plans actually exciting or adventurous? (please?). Or would you like to talk about cats? Oh, crap.

Probably, I shouldn't have this much espresso in the morning.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ten for Tuesday

1.      I’ve recovered! Well, not completely. I went home sick from work just a few days before Christmas. Wait- lemme rephrase. My mom came downtown and picked up from work and hubband took me to urgent care. I was seen, by the grace of God, by a super-awesome-happy-wonderful-super-awesome doctor there, which is a Christmas miracle, justsoyouknow. She told me I had bronchitis and that my lungs sounded “very yucky”. Super technical stuff. Cue the coma. So, I missed out on Christmas Eve church and other public activities, but we made a lovely gingerbread house—pictures to come! 

2.      Christmas was awesome the best Christmas ever. We were totally blessed with gifts this year, and had a lovely married-people time together. It really was the #bestchristmasever. [love me some hash tags]

3.     One of my best friends and her wonderful husband, some of our best “couple friends”, moved to Texas this weekend. It’s awesome because it’s such a wonderful opportunity for them. On the other hand, I already miss her guts like crazy. 

4.      We spent New Year’s weekend at hubband’s family cabin up north, a yearly tradition I partake in with great friends from high school. Hubband is now forced blessed to join in. It was such a wonderful weekend of friends, laughter, and snow ball fights.

5.       I don’t make resolutions. I never have, I guess I never got it. I try to make goals all year round, but, I’ve seen different resolutions around the blogosphere and I'm starting to think it’s actually a cool idea, now that I've seen it in action. Maybe my resolution for 2012 will be to make resolutions for 2012. Yeah? No? 

6.      We watched the first six episodes of Walking Dead last night. Obsessed doesn’t even begin to describe our love for this show.

7.      We slept in until 10:30 or later every day of our New Year’s weekend. It was awesome.
8.      At the cabin it was in the 50s, but there was snow on the ground. Weird, right? Or is this normal? We can’t decide.

9.      Yesterday, my dad's friend’s band (got that?) came to my parent’s house and hubband and I jammed out with them. I sang and hubband got to play his drums. It was fun to jam out to some classics, even if hubband and I didn’t really know all the songs.

10. My parents got a new baby puppy. It was a Christmas present from my sister. He’s adorable, wonderful, and awesome on all levels. Needless to say, I love my new baby brother. Pictures soon, I promise.
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