Monday, April 30, 2012

Four Years to Thirty! [A Birthday Adventure]

Well, since it's only been, ya know, a month, since his birthday, I should probably update you my online diary/scrapbook on the festivities. And let-me-tell-ya, they were quite festive.

Hubband's birthday was super-extra-special because he started his new job on his birthday! 

His new professional digs are right down the street from my job and also down the street from where my mom and sister work!

My parents and brother also happened to need a ride to the airport that day, so they met us for lunch/froyo before I took them! Wow! That's-a-lotta-exclamation-points!

 [After froyo with my brother, sis', and dad! Only after a delish breakfast and sushi lunch- of course!]

 [+ mom]

 That evening, we headed for a super special hot date at Fogo de Chao, hubband's fave'! Fogo de Chao is a fancy-schmancy restaurant, you know, the kind where you prolly shouldn't be snapping pictures for your blog, so I refrained.

Except for dessert. Because, well, it's dessert!

 March holds a bunch of birthdays for hubband's family, so we've recently sort of enacted a tradition of Cheesecake Factory to celebrate them all! 

Special cheesecake- chocolate of course!

 One Hubband + Awesome Stepdad

 Who doesn't need a little flaming whipped cream?

 And for the final celebration, we got all as many of our friends who could make it together at Fibber McGee's, hubband's choice.

Ready to rock. Basically.

Amazing, I know.

 This was a shot someone bought for that birthday guy, it looked so interesting!

Cue the collective "awwws"

Jeff and Allison

 Miranda and Bryce

 Last one, I swear.

And because everyone else was doing it, Nick and Kelsi took a picture, you know, even they'd just met.

Later, Jessica showed up. 
 And all the girls took a picture, because that's what girls do.

I know you're probably just so entertained by all these pictures of our friends. I'm actually surprised you're still reading, really. 

That's it! A very very happy birthday for the Mr! Hope you enjoyed, or you know, read on out of sheer boredom. Whatevs.

Still there?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ouch! That's us Getting Bitten by the Crafting Bug!

This weekend, one of our very best friends is getting married! 

She's actually the wonderful friend who introduced Hubband and I!

We like to call each other personality twins, because we have verrrry similar life goals/personalities.

And we are SO excited for her and her fiancé Jon!

They're totally perfect for each other, kinda like the hubband and I!

[With all the girls!]

Her bridal shower was a few weeks ago, and we decided to make something personal for her and her future hubs to put in their very first place together! They're both moving from their parents' so they don't have a lot to put in it. Sooooo, we did something bold. Something daring. Something relatively new for us. 

We crafted.

But seriously, it was fun! 

We got the idea to dye mason jars here

caaaaa-uuuuuuttteeee ;)

 We used the idea here to make paper flowers from my old music sheets.

Attach to some twigs and add some string and voila!

We loved them! The dye ended up being a little lumpy, but it made a cool rustic look.

I can't say we're going to do it often, but hubband and I enjoyed a nice evening crafting!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Date Nights

When we first got married- no- scratch that, when we had been married long enough to say, "holy cheese balls this is fracking hard batman", we sat down with one of our pastors and he gave us some solid marital advice from a pro.

Among all the advice, was this golden ticket of wisdom, in so many words: get out of the house! He recommended (and we totally agree here over at LLF), getting out once a week, even if it's just for a walk or a cup of coffee, because home is where stress lives. And it is much easier to get away from home than to get stress away home, right? This translates into weekly date nights for us. Some of our best conversations [ever] have happened on weekly date nights.

We haven't always been awesome at getting date nights together, but lately we've been working hard to make this a priority in our relationship. Plus (duh) it's fun!

A few weeks ago, we used gift cards we had gotten for Christmas to check out a local wine bar

With live music! Hubband asked him to play "Brown Eyed Girl" *swoon*

They had a nutcracker. Which is odd.

Ooops... Caught breaking the date rule. (No phones!)

Their bruchetta was YUM!

They had a really nice bathroom! So... I uhm, took a picture. But it was really nice!

 Look! They even had cab numbers on the mirror! So cool :)

Later, while perusing Target (which I guess is the basis for any good date) we found this! Optimus Prime hanging out with a bad crowd!

So, we of course, helped him to make some better life choices.

It was a good date! I like the guy, I think I'll probably go out with him again ;)

What do you do on dates? Are they important to you too?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

God's Green Earth,and also, The Weekend!

If we're friends on Facebook, sorry, you've likely already seen this, but here is a little bit about our stance in regards to this [to us] significant day:

      Environmentalism to me isn't about being pretentious or judgmental or forcing my personal beliefs into the lives and choices of others. What it is about to me is creating a clean and sustainable future on this earth for my children and taking care of what God gave me, which is why I make certain choices such as trying to avoid things like paper towels and plastic water bottles and bags. This is not to say that I am anywhere near perfect, but I do understand that small consumer choices can make an impact in a global way.

Happy Earth Day friends!

(I feel that it's imperative to note that an acquaintance of mine -read: Facebook friend- had a birthday today, so I wished her happy bearthday. Haha, get it? Because her birthday is on earthday... no? And sheesh, I mentioned Facebook twice [now three] times already, I assure you, I am not working for Mark Zuckerberg). That's a lotta run on sentences. Moving on.

Now, about that weekend. Sorry to report that is flew by after all. Bummerific .But it was good.


We actually treated this Friday night like any typical evening. We needed to be up early in the morning and wanted to avoid missing out on sleep. Because we're forty.


We woke up at the ripe ol' hour of 6:00 AM (perfect for a Saturday) but it was for a great reason. We headed to our favorite city, Tempe, for the Pat Tillman Race. It's a wonderful cause that we're more than happy to contribute to. Check out their website if you're interested in hearing more. It's a 4.2 mile race, and you know, because we're super-spectacular go-getters, we trained all of two times for this race. This ended up working out, because the friend we were running with had the stomach flu this week, and her brother, also joining us, has a training routine strikingly similar to ours. So, we showed up Saturday morning ready for a 4.2 mile walk, but I guess our friend was feeling better, because we ended up doing a mixed jog/walk. Because we're winners. And let-me-tell-you, we were the best walk/runners you ever did see. Ever.

[love Tempe]

Post-race, we had some lunch, watched Limitless (really interesting movie), and got ready for a wedding! My best friend Jessica's brother (got that?) got married this past Saturday! Jess and I have been friends since the third grade and I'm sure my regular readers can recognize the name, as she's been mentioned quite a bit on LLF. But being that we've been friends so long, I'm practically a member of the family, and when hubband came alone, they naturally welcomed him in as well. They're a wonderful, close-knit group, so we were excited to share in the celebration of another sibling getting married!

And I straightened my hair!


We woke up early (uhhh-gan) to serve and worship at church, and the set list this morning was BEAUTIFUL. It was a blessed morning of singing, community, and God's great love. We are absolutely LOVING our new campus. Post church included swimming with the best again (told you she's around a lot!) because it was 103 in Arizona this weekend. And finally some relaxin and laundry. Boo laundry. The end.

How was your weekend?

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