Friday, August 31, 2012

From the Pen of Mr. and Mrs. Bennett

From the Mrs:

Dear Star Trek, whew, okay, I’m ready. For night two. Of you. Can we say wife points anyone? Jeff would be so pleased…

Dear Pony Tails, you make my head ache. Every day. Does this happen to anyone else? Any solutions other than shaving my entire head?

Dear Readers, we have something fun and different for you tomorrow! Yipee! Just-you-wait…

Dear Fitness-y-minded Friendsies, I’ve cut my coffee creams down from six (individual tubs) to… drum rolls… one! That’s a lot! I know this isn’t for everyone, but for me it’s been an easy way to trim back some calories. J It’s been a long road, but we’ve made it people.
 Dear Ladies and/or Men Who Wax Their Eyebrows, My best friend/the best esthetician in the world moved away, and this ladies half-Mexi-eyebrows have gradually grown shamefully bush-esque. But I don’t really trust anyone else with them since I had that one bad experience at the nail salon… I’m scared! Any fellow Arizona-ians know a good eyebrow person?  

Dear Hubband, You bought me flowers this morning, took me out for lunch [which was still awesome- despite our little tif’ ;) ] and you’ve been so splendid today. Can I just say, I’m so glad I married you?

From the Mr:

Dear Date Night,
You allow me to have some much needed fun and alone time with the most beautiful woman in the world! You give us popcorn, and movies, comfy couches, and wine!

Dear Summer,
Although I have enjoyed your stay here, it is time for you to go.  You will not be missed as I know you will return in a short few months


The two who “Trek it”, surely won’t wreck it.

(Sorry, that’s all I’ve got. I tried. I did!)

(P.S. There's no link up, but we still enjoy writing them!)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Good Wife Tip # 1.0

As a good wife, I find that positive, open communication is vital to any growing relationship. As such, I have put together a little example demonstrating such levels of effective communication.

This example was pulled directly from Google Chat©, and is exemplary in demonstrating the previously mentioned point utilized over multimedia platforms.  

Jordan:  I am getting some more responsibility soon
Part my job will be Assistant Secondary System Admin

Me:  what is an assistant secondary system admin?
is that an elephant?
are you going to be an elephant?
I like elephants, but don't you think you'd make a better giraffe?

Jordan:  System Admin is Walter*, Secondary is Icabod*. Icabod* is in Uganda, so when he is unable to do something, I am the backup to Icabod*

Me:  or gazelle? Maybe you could bring this up in your next team meeting.
I feel like these are really strong points

Jordan:  They are
strong points

Me:  so you're Icabod*'s assistant?
are we moving to Uganda?

Jordan:  no

Me:  no we're not moving to Uganda?

Jordan:  It will be 10% of my job

Me:  or no you're not Icabod*'s assistant?
I like Uganda

Jordan: ...

Me:  except
what about our house?
who's going to live in our house?

Jordan:  An Alien

Me:  like from Mexico?

Jordan:  no

Me:  this is going on the blog
so you know

*names altered for confidentiality

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday! It's Friday!

Linking it up! With Ashley!


Exclamation points!!!!!

Hey! I’m back! Just now! And I’m already posting! Well, okay, I got in at 9PM on Wednesday, which is basically Thursday. And everyone knows you need a day.

Dear Vacation, We had a good run, one of the best times in my short life, but I’m sort of glad you’re over. This girl loves a little routine in her life.

Dear San Francisco, You are a happy, wonderful place with splendid things like Chinatown, but you’re cold. Who knew?

Dear Hubband¸ You sure do give a girl something awesome to come home to.

Dear You Tube, Stop stealing my life away. So rude.

Dear Everyoneinthewholewideworld, I’m hearing about Christmas a lot [everywhere] which is awesome but hey it’s still triple digits here, so, yeah…  But really… it's not far off. Yikes! Anyone know where 2012 went?

Dear Arizona Monsoon Season, Oh, there you are.


Just the wife this time.

P.S. Everyone. Coming home from a vacation on a Wednesday (which is really basically Thursday) and therefore only having 2 days of work = the best thing ever. It’s already Friday!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bon Voyage!

Tonight, we’re going on a date. You know how we feel about having regular, intentional dates, but we’ve been failing at that a bit lately. Sort of like blogging? Doh!

But this date is pretty important. Let me tell you a story:

Once upon a time, my mom wanted to plan a big family vacation with my brother, sister, I, and our families (sans baby brother, because we are still his only family. Except he also has a son Husky named Balto. And a roommate who looks like he’s related to our family- so there’s that too. I digress) (run on sentences) (end parentheses). Anyways, my darling mother picked a date that worked with everyone and the planning began!

And then my sister and her hubby—Chandrea if-you-will— bought a house.

And then my baby brother got a new, exciting, “real-life”, kind-a job. Picture him in a suit. Wait. You probably don’t know what he looks like. Picture me, but a handsome guy. In a suit.

I further digress.

Sooo theeeeeeeeeeeen, hubband’s work launched a huge project that we was an essential part of.

And, in short, the family vacation list was down to me and my parents.

So, my lovely mama said to me, “well, if you still want to go, we could do something fun!” Uhm, yeah!

Come Saturday morning this lady-blogger will be headed out to San Francisco, Yosemite, and San Luis Obispo with mom and pops! It’s going to be crazy trip, packed full of activities already, and it’s going to be a little strange. I’ve never been on a whole vacation, with just my parents! Good thing they love me. ;)

BUT, this means I’m leaving the hubband for a vacation while he stays at home and works. Boo. (although, I should note that he still LOVES his job, so that really only counts as 25% work- I’d say). Cue the date! Just a bit of together before a bit of apart-ness. Because this will be the first time—as married kids, since we dated actually—that one of us takes a vacation without the other.

Crazy right?

Have you travelled lately at all without your spouse/significant other/ labradoodle? Or are we silly in thinking this is kind-aaa a big deal?

Any of those ,”omygoshyouhavetogohere” suggestions for San Francisco/ San Luis Obispo? I’ve been to San Luis before, but this will be my first San Fran trip!

Monday, August 6, 2012

This Weekend,

We spent approximately 1984673289403 hours cleaning and doing the laundry/ironing

Some of our very, very best friends were in town from Texas!

We only got four hours of sleep on Saturday night!
Which leads me to say…

Every single week [lately] I quit caffeine. By quit, I mean slowly go from half-caf to quarter-caf to no-caf. But then…

The weekend happens, we don’t get enough sleep, and I’m addicted all over again. It’s a vicious cycle really.

Sidebar: Our house is really coming together! I suppose I should put together some pictures sometime soon, eh? We got TONS done this weekend AND spent a lot of time with our friends. We can sleep later in life, right? Right?

Sidebar to the Sidebar: Sorry, no pictures from all the weekend-y fun. Guess we just had too much of it to take any?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dear Husband,

Afternoon friends, hope it’s a lovely one for you. Just 50% of LLF for you here today, who else but me, the perpetual scribe wifey? Hubband’s feeling kind of boo lately, so I thought I’d cheer him up with some not-so-serious-but-also-actually-real-promises on the blog! It’s a surprise!

Because surprises are the stuff that dreams are made of. Well those and coffee. And wine. And ooh! Chocolate!

I digress.. 

Dear Husband, tonight I promise
to try not to linger, stare off into space, or day dream while we’re grocery shopping tonight. I promise to try and keep it under 3 hours. I understand that while I love grocery shopping with my whole heart, it’s not exactly your happy place after an hour or two of it.
Dear Husband, tonight I promise
To hand out a plentiful amount of smooches, snuggles, cuddles and squeezes.

Dear Husband, tonight I promise
To only make you listen to the song stuck in my head once twice, okay, no more than three times.

Dear Husband, tonight I promise
To hold your hand and pretend like I don’t totally abhor holding hands with every fiber of my being. Ya know, because you like it :)

Dear Husband, tonight I promise
To listen to everything you have to say about the complicated nuances of your technological day/job while nodding my head and smiling a lot. 

Dear Husband, tonight I promise
To pretend like I’m an even-slightly-patient person, not that unbelievably impatient child woman you typically find yourself with.

Dear Husband, tonight I promise
To dedicate an entire blog post to making you smile laugh out loud until you fall out of your chair [ideally].

Dear Husband, tonight I promise
To love you as I always do, and always will.
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