Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday Randoms AKA Ramblings

[A One]

This is one of my favorite pictures of my husband, like… ever. I want to print it out, frame it, and put it on my bedside table so every morning I wake up to it. The best part of this is I’m not sure if I’m being sarcastic or not. It would give me a laugh every morning, a definite change from my customary AM grumble.  

[A Two]

I had a really stressful day at work, which really isn’t out of the ordinary, but today was particularly stressful. Which leads me to…

[A One, Two, Three!]

I’ve developed an eye-twitch. I’m told this is stress-related as I don’t drink caffeine. So I wonder if my health insurance will cover a vacation?


My sister’s doggie died and she’s moving and she’s moving and kind of completely building the inside of an entire house and having a hard/sad/hard week. So, pop over and leave the lady some love?


Link up with Sar!

Friday, September 7, 2012

An End-of-the-Week-Brain-Dump !

Happy Friday my friends!

And with all Fridays, my brain is generally mush by this time, despite the obvious fact[oid] that this was, indeed, a four-day work week. C'est la vie, non?

And now, without further ado, I bring you, bullets!

(Of the punctuation sort, no need to hit the ground friends)

  • It's raining in Arizona. And you know you live in Arizona when rain makes the news. Of course, I live in Arizona, so I read the article (does Amy Murphy look like a Barbie Doll to you too??) and our general-ish area where we live (kind of) has gotten the most rain thus far in the day (3 inches). Just an interesting fact is all.
  • And then the girl who left chicken in the crock pot for the day really, really hopes the power doesn't go out.
  • Lovely and talented Samara has nominated us for the Liebster award! I'm really excited to answer her questions... More on that to come later!
  • I signed up to run a 10K... in October. I can do this right? I mean I did run a half marathon in February, so I can do this... right?  
  • The house is pretty much completely unpacked. There's still so much to do, but everything immediate is done. I totally need to get pictures up, I'll just add that to my to-do list and pray the whole list doesn't just collapse over me. 
  • Maybe this weekend I can check things off it?
  • Probably I'll actually just read and watch TV though. Let's be real.

I'm so excited for the weekend!  What are you plans friends?

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Happy Saturday friends! 

The lovely and talented Faith featured none only- but us [!!!!]- in a little segment she's doing on marriage! So check her out right here!

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