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Welcome to our little corner, where we spin our true stories of adventure and love, and adventures in love.

It's not a marriage blog, it's not a food blog, and it's not a travel blog. It's an adventure blog, and to us, life is one great adventure. 

We are lovers of Jesus, writing, Psalm 51:12, Philippians, and running (typically late at night). We favor Relient K, comfy beds, Fun., Muse, walks along Mill Avenue, Jimmy Eat World, Hillsong, Hot Cheetos (with lime), sizzling steaks, and the Format.

We frequent local finds, Chipotle and anywhere we can buy cheap good wine. 

We are a drummer and a singer, always with something in the process of being created.

We are cheese-fiends and boob tube addicts; ever after an adventure, so come share one with us.

(brilliant photography by Summer Montoya)


Samara said...

Hi Adrienne,

Just letting you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award. You don't necessarily have to do anything- just know that I love reading your blog and be encouraged :-)

Read more about it here...


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