Our Story

  (Taking "band photos" on one of our first dates)

... Begins on a Sunday evening. Well, as a matter of fact, it turns out that it had already begun that particular Sunday evening. 

Jordan and I had acquaintances for several years, but at every moment when we had had the rare opportunity to spend quality time together, one of us had been in a relationship. One year, Jordan went on a mission trip, his first ever, well actually, he went on two that year. Anyways, this--err these-- experiences were used by God to change and mold his understanding of God's purpose for his life, and it was then that Jordan realized that he had a deep desire to pursue a missional life, and travel and adventure became priorities he had never before had. I, as all my friends and family know a little too well, had already realized this fate for my life, and as such, the timing of one certain meaningful encounter, was drastically, and cosmically woven.

The month was February. After years spent with several different versions of, "the wrong guy" (typical), I was contentedly single. It was Valentine's Day and by reason-- obviously not coincidence-- I ran into Jordan. After some banter and small talk, we made a casual pact to sit at church again. Amidst said banter, I actually asked him if he knew who I was, to which he laughed, we'd been casual friend/acquaintances for years, a fact I later remembered. Oops!

The following Sunday, as I left my post of service in the nursery, and headed to church, I ran into one Jordan Keith Bennett. Instantly reminded of said casual pact, he purposefully lead us to two seats. Somehow, for reasons beyond my control, the words, "SO-whaddya-wanna-do-with-yourlife?" escaped my lips. His response? Indirectly, "Exactly what you want to do with yours".

The following Thursday met us with a rendezvous at my apartment, wherein Jordan's affections to me were sealed through two decisions I made: the movie selection, Zombieland, and a game following, Super Mario Brothers on none other than my own personal Super Nintendo, circa 1991. I had no idea I was speaking to his heart, a habit we would mutually continue throughout... well, now. We ended up at Denny's until about four in the morning, talking, talking, and talking about everything. Life. God. Our parents. Finding, over and over again, that we had much more in common that we had ever known.

Being the patient man he is, Jordan waited a whole five days to make known his affections, and within a few weeks and a few dates, with a dramatic and beautiful gesture (a song, some candles, and a park), we were "official". 

The rest is history, or rather, ourstory. There it is. Playful prose that tells not two, but one story: God's. After weaving through rocky mountains, low valleys, and the occasional smooth plain, thinking that they would be forever embedded with slime and silt, two rivers met, to become one. And, once more, God elegantly told His story, unfolding before so many the glory and power of His fate.


Kiara Buechler said...

What a wonderful love story!

Sarah Nicole said...

Love this! Reminds me alot of my husband and I's love story. They turn out the best when God writes them! :) Ours also involves mario kart on the 64. haha

PS. I'm your newest follower. Love your blog!


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